Reminding myself of how far I’ve come

OK, so it’s time for a little self love which I feel is way overdue if I do say so myself.

We all go around shouting body positivity and saying fuck what everyone else thinks. You are you and you are unique, so it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks…Right?

But how many of you actually believe that? How many of you appreciate what you are both inside and out? I don’t, I’ll be honest, but I’m trying.

I fall foul of this and say I appreciate what I’ve achieved but its been that slow a process for the last 12 months or so, that I seem to have forgotten just how damn hard I have worked over the past 3 years to get where I am now.

So without further delay,here are a few of my old pics and a few new ones mixed in too, just to show both you and myself how far I have come and how much progress I’ve made.

Hopefully this will help you as much as I’m hoping it will me.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who feels complacent with their diet or healthy lifestyle and I do try not to call it a diet because it shouldn’t be. But we restrict ourselves if we have a particularly heavy weekend with the booze or food and we shouldn’t.

The aim should be just to live healthier in general, not 4 days on and 3 days off. It doesn’t work that way.

Anyway I’m moving off topic here but what I’m trying to say is, if you are one of those who feel like they are trying to live healthier but are just going through the motions. Find a collection of photos both before, during and at the shape you are now and really look at them and take in everything you have achieved.

If you’re just starting your journey, then find a photo of you where you felt fantastic and use that as a goal to feel as good as you did in that photo. It doesn’t necessarily mean to lose a certain amount of weight but maybe to get better sleep, or learn to find new hobbies to do in your spare time or just to do more fun things that makes you happy.

Whatever it is, hold onto it and remind yourself how well you’re doing and that yes, you ARE ENOUGH.

Woah got a bit deep there.

Speak Soon lovelies, have a fab day!





Life got in the way but I’m back!

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

Firstly, MASSIVE APOLOGIES for it being a while since I last posted. Things got really busy and my mind was elsewhere so blogging wasn’t really in the forefront of my mind.

I have sort of kept on the weight loss/healthy eating bandwagon but only just.

A few things have happened since we last spoke, so here’s a quick run down for you so we can get back to it sharpish!

  • I failed my driving test-I got just 2 faults but cocked it all up on my bay parking because another student pulled into the space at the side of me just as I was about to reverse. I was going to hit them, so the examiner had to tell me to straighten up quick.
  • Lee’s daughter came to stay for Easter- This meant that I threw all healthy eating out of the window as we ate out/had takeaway often (my decision)
  • My exercise regime went out of the window- Because I was preparing for my driving test, my focus shifted to that and my heart wasn’t in exercising at all
  • I handed my notice in at work as I have got a new job-This one is a biggie because it has meant having to sort a lot of stuff out at work ready for me leaving

All these things have made it very hard to post and update you all on here but I have kept up on Instagram and Twitter if any of you want the most up to date info on my life. I promise I will try and be more active on here.I am @Slimmingitmyway on Twitter and Tasha_SlimmingItMyWay on Instagram if you want to find me there!

RIGHT,Onwards and upwards!

My current weight is 13stone 9lb’s down 1lb from last Wednesday but my Slimming World weigh in is this Wednesday coming. I shall update you with the results but I am back to trying to eat healthy and grabbing the good stuff to snack on. Last night I made a few new things that I haven’t made before in a bid to try and get excited about food again.I will post a few pics when I get home but I’m going to try and make one new thing every month and post it here to try and keep you guys interested and also to build myself up a little recipe bank. I do like to come back to recipes on here and re-make them again as my own writing sticks in my head as opposed to reading a recipe off another website (I know that sounds strange but it’s true!).

Back to the gym again tonight to sweat off some of those Easter Eggs and fruity cider that have made their way into my mouth over the past few weeks. I’m not giving up as I have worked too hard for this and still want to see that 12 stone on the scales. My arms also feel more toned now and my legs feel stronger than they ever have before, so I know I’m building muscle, which is fab.

Have any of you guys fell off the bandwagon a bit lately. Is life getting in the way? Believe me when I say I completely understand. Sometimes I don’t want to stand in the kitchen for an hour and a half every night to make tea; I just want to sit down with something that’s been made for me so I have time to chill. I suppose nothing worth having is easy though right?

Anyway lovelies I hope you are glad to have me back and I promise I will update my goings on more often, even if there are no major changes to speak of!

Right, I’m off to exercise my Easter egg bum off! Speak soon xx




Weekly Weigh In 24/2/16

Hi there lovelies!

So if you all follow my Instagram and Twitter feeds you will know that I finally got a  loss this week and lost a total of 5lb.

WAHOOOOOO! I wasn’t sure how it would go because I had a few drinks over last weekend.

I haven’t lost that amount of weight for a very long time so it just shows that Slimming World and writing absolutely everything down and being completely honest about my syns has worked.

Lee also pointed out that half of it is from my Whitby gain so it’s really only a 2.5lb loss but I’m still happy. Even if I now lose a tiny amount each week, I’ll be happy. I’ve been eating loads and have written it all down, even the few bad bits I have had.

Some of my meals over the past week are below:

I have had a ton of fruit both for breakfast and to snack on to avoid reaching for the naughty stuff. I’ve missed being able to just grab a low calorie snack bar or bag of low cal crisps because according to the syn calculator, they’re quite high in syns, so this has taken some getting used to. However, it does force you to think more about what you’re putting in your body as you’re trying to keep within your syn count for the day.

I found it a little hard at first with Lee as he’s still eating the stuff I had started to eat again like garlic bread and naan bread but I have made myself salad with curry instead of a naan for example. Once I get it into my head, I don’t think about the absence of starch based foods but I have had days where I have wanted them but have made myself avoid them because although they taste nommy, they just don’t fill me.

Last night I had a jacket taty with beans and cheese (synned the cheese) and I really really enjoyed it because the cheese made it feel like it was bad for me.

I’m slowly getting used to it but it’s clear that I love my syns as I’m still having a lot of them. :/

So I’m going to try and stay as on track as much as possible for the next week and see where that takes me.

I have to say it’s so nice to feel in control again.Theres a lot to be said for saying no to things;it empowers you. No I will not have that garlic bread and no I will not have that chocolate!

If you’re on Slimming World or indeed whatever journey you’re on,how has your week been? Have you struggled with certain things or have you tackled it with vigour and come out on top?

I’d love to know as I think it helps if we share and help each other get motivated to have as healthy a week as possible!

Have a wonderful weekend guys and speak soon!



Whitby Goth Weekend Preparations and Weekly Weigh In

Good Morning to you my lovelies!

This past week has been mad busy for me as I have been getting ready for the upcoming Whitby Goth Weekend woooooooo! I am SUPER excited as I have never been before so don’t really know what to expect but am keeping an open mind.

I have started packing but my mum has specifically told me to pack light as she seems to think that cars are made out of paper and anything heavier than a feather will break it. There are 5 of us travelling and lets just say we’re all generously sized so that may have something to do with it!

I have spent days researching gothic makeup, hair and style ideas to figure out how to goth it up for the big weekend. I have this dress that you will have seen if you follow me on Instagram:


…and have bought this bolero to go over it but I plan on taking this off when inside  pubs so everyone can see the back of the dress. 🙂

Photo courtesy of ebay
Photo courtesy of Asos

I bought some fishnet tights like the ones above and already have some black boots to wear. I also have some of these skelebob hair clips that I’m going to try to work into my look:

Photo courtesy of Ebay

…and am going to attempt a go at this sort of makeup look:

hqdefaultor thismaxresdefault(both images courtesy of Google)

Basically come Thursday night, I will be mad trying out makeup looks to see which one looks best and attempt to do a decent liquid eyeliner! (I am terrible under pressure!)

I am also going to attempt to have my hair like this:

Photo courtesy of

It will be half pinned up and the rest down in ringlets (This will probably take me forever!) If I can get anywhere near this I will be really happy!

I have painted my nails like this ready for this weekend so may try and put red somewhere else in my outfit if possible.

That’s basically my look for the Saturday at the goth weekend, just because I cannot be bothered to make all that effort for the 3 days I’m there. I’ll just go all out for 1 day and be in comfortable alternative clothes for the rest of the weekend.

Has anyone been to Whitby Goth Weekend and do you have any recommendations of where to go to eat, drink and shop? I know its going to be super busy but I plan on buying a few special presents for Christmas and also shall stuff my face with seaside food! (doughnuts,ice-cream and fish ‘n’ chips I’m looking at you!)

On another note, this week’s weigh in was:

So that’s a loss of 2 lb which I wasn’t expecting as I had a takeaway on Friday and a big breakfast Saturday morning. It just shows that as long as you have a balance and don’t go overboard, you can still enjoy the naughty foods. I will just have to pull it back a bit after Whitby and not get carried away with all the lovely food! I also took my measurements last night and wrote them down in a book. The last time I had taken them was January this year and I have lost a fair few inches since then. I can’t tell you my measurements as I don’t have my book with me (yeah I know,what an idiot) so will add these and maybe update this post later!

Have a fab day lovelies and let me know your suggestions on where to go in Whitby!



Weigh Day Wednesday 19/8/15

Hi There lovelies,

This past week has been a pretty good one in terms of exercise. I’m really getting into the new gym routine now and am figuring out my limits and resistance levels on the different cardio machines.  I am sweating a ton though when I’m at the gym and my other half suggested I am pushing it a bit too hard..ah well.

I was good with my food too apart from Saturday where I ended up having 6 slices of white bread in one day! This was just due to laziness and nothing else.

I had a drink on Friday and Saturday so still enjoyed myself. On Saturday I wore my new Boohoo bargain dress (£5) out to a family do.I posted a picture that Lee took up on my social media and had a crazy positive reaction that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Here is the picture:


So many people commented and their lovely comments really boosted my confidence. I know its vain but stuff like this really spurs me on to keep going, even on those days where I feel shit and fat.

I will post no makeup photos and pics where my clothes don’t exactly flatter me…

…to show my attempts to slim into a smaller size, stretch marks on show and all. Its that accountability thing all over again. If I post it then you see it and see that I don’t just post the pretty pictures but the flabby ones too!:)

Anyway back to my weigh in this morning. I tried not to get my hopes up because it was potentially a massive weight loss milestone but I didn’t want to be gutted if I hadn’t achieved that. So much seemed to be weighing on today’s weigh in (pun not intended). I got on the scales and…


Sorry about that, minor outburst there… but YAY!

Here’s hoping I can get another half a stone off before I go away in September so I can feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini. :D.

Speak soon lovelies!