It was going so well…

Ok so, I started off so well and then my laziness appeared Friday and this happened…


Yeah I did not make it to the end of Dry January, I know, I’m crap! But I did 20 days and that’s something I suppose. I had nearly a full bottle of wine and a curry (that we made…with a packet sauce, but had it with salad…and a few buffet chicken things from Iceland).

Then Saturday I had a huge bowl of Mini chocolate chip Weetabix (no weighing and measuring there) and tried not to eat much all day, then around 6ish, we drove to get a KFC. Not just chicken though mind; I had a Wicked Zinger towered large meal with coleslaw for my side AND a flaming wrap too.

The Sunday I made a definite effort to have a healthy breakfast so had 3 reduced fat sausages, 2 scrambled eggs, some beans and mushrooms… And I knew I had a busy day of shopping round Country Baskets for my bouquet stuff for the wedding (Have you ever been? It is AHMAZING!).

Mum managed to spend £60 bless her on fake flowers for my bouquet and all the buttonholes, along with lots of ribbon, oasis (stuff you stick flowers in) and other glitzy bits.

I’m quite nervous now as it isn’t very far away and I still have a lot to pay for. Just wondering where to find the money I suppose haha.

Anyway, in the evening I had a few well-spent hours with my better half listening to some music (managed to sip 4 rum and diet cokes in the process) and had a chicken dinner with all the ‘healthy’ trimmings.

I think it’s safe to say my weekend was pretty much trashed food wise but ah well, onwards and upwards!

Had a good day yesterday, went to gym and hoping to have another good day today, followed by a gym sesh too. 🙂

Keeping my fingers crossed for a maintain but a loss would be great too. I went to the gym 4 times last week and think I pulled a muscle, so am paying for it slightly now. I need to remember not to go too hard and to properly stretch afterwards.

My weigh in is tomorrow (or Today as I’m posting this) for those who don’t know and I still need to get back in target. I need to lose 1.5lb to do that.

Will update you here but be sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook as I update there first.

Have a wonderful day lovelies and speak soon!



Reminding myself of how far I’ve come

OK, so it’s time for a little self love which I feel is way overdue if I do say so myself.

We all go around shouting body positivity and saying fuck what everyone else thinks. You are you and you are unique, so it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks…Right?

But how many of you actually believe that? How many of you appreciate what you are both inside and out? I don’t, I’ll be honest, but I’m trying.

I fall foul of this and say I appreciate what I’ve achieved but its been that slow a process for the last 12 months or so, that I seem to have forgotten just how damn hard I have worked over the past 3 years to get where I am now.

So without further delay,here are a few of my old pics and a few new ones mixed in too, just to show both you and myself how far I have come and how much progress I’ve made.

Hopefully this will help you as much as I’m hoping it will me.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who feels complacent with their diet or healthy lifestyle and I do try not to call it a diet because it shouldn’t be. But we restrict ourselves if we have a particularly heavy weekend with the booze or food and we shouldn’t.

The aim should be just to live healthier in general, not 4 days on and 3 days off. It doesn’t work that way.

Anyway I’m moving off topic here but what I’m trying to say is, if you are one of those who feel like they are trying to live healthier but are just going through the motions. Find a collection of photos both before, during and at the shape you are now and really look at them and take in everything you have achieved.

If you’re just starting your journey, then find a photo of you where you felt fantastic and use that as a goal to feel as good as you did in that photo. It doesn’t necessarily mean to lose a certain amount of weight but maybe to get better sleep, or learn to find new hobbies to do in your spare time or just to do more fun things that makes you happy.

Whatever it is, hold onto it and remind yourself how well you’re doing and that yes, you ARE ENOUGH.

Woah got a bit deep there.

Speak Soon lovelies, have a fab day!





SW Update and Dry January

Good Morning lovelies!

How are you doing today? Did you have a good weekend making good choices?

God I sound like a Slimming World consultant!

AAnnywwhhooo, Just a little update on how things are going. I lost 3lb at SW on Wednesday, am still sticking to the Dry January plan (and struggling ever so slightly!)15 days to go, so I’m almost half way there!

Me and my bestie took some pictures of our body shapes at the gym the other day, to try and have a better way of measuring our progress in terms of toning up for the big day in June.

So here are my pics…please be kind and those of you who have followed me since the beginning know how big the transformation has been so far.

Just ignore the face here…not really sure what I was doing!

So this is what I have to work with and my aim is to try and pull in my stomach and waist and try and tone up my arms as best I can before my wedding day.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful week and keep track of my updates on Instagram as I post my meals on there..

Speak soon lovelies!



Tasha land stole me away.

Hi lovelies.How are you all doing?

First let me address the elephant in the room.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and for that I am sorry.There is no real excuse other than I’ve just been getting on with it so to speak.

So here’s a quick update on what’s been happening in Tasha land.

I had my first driving test and failed; this knocked my confidence and I didn’t really feel motivated to do anything for a short while.

I left my old job and started a new one.This renewed the power in me and reminded me that I can acheive my dreams if I work hard enough.

I signed up to do a 14 mile charity walk from Sheffield Western park hospital to Barnsley town centre to help a friends mum get to Germany for cancer treatment. That walk is this weekend by the way (wish me luck!)

My best friend started back at the gym with me which gave me a renewed determination to get fitter and healthier.We’re a similar weight now so can both work each other hard. Plus we did a Zumba class with my mum and sis the other day and I am I love!I’ve found an exercise I enjoy!

I took my driving test again and passed! This weekend will be spent looking for a car (after my charity walk) and hopefully I’ll be on the road next week!I’ planning on getting a little yellow fiat punto all being well (my own little yellow banana!)

This is a biggie.I also finally, after 6 long months and slogging away, got my 9 stone loss.I am now in the 12’s,no longer the teens and it feels fantastic.I can do so much more now than I could at 22 stone.It’s weird to think I was ever that size now but I was exactly that only 2 and a half years ago.

If the events over the past month or so have taught me anything,it’s that sometimes when life throws you a curve ball,you have to do all within your power to catch it,then throw it back out with lightning speed and precision.

My boss asked me today at work why I hadn’t blogged for so long and I didn’t really have a reason other than life got in the way ( but more eloquently put obviously!)

I then began to wonder why I hadn’t really blogged and came up short.I enjoy it and get to tell you guys about what’s happening in my life (if there are any of you left out there!)

I love rambling on about what I’ve been eating or exercises I’ve tried and just generally having my own little piece of the Internet.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is,I missed you guys! I am more active on social media than here but sometimes it’s just good to have a good rant and get it all out there for all to see;raw and honest.

That’s all I’ll ever be with you lovely lot. I won’t lie if I’m having a crap week and will tell you if I’ve had a takeaway because it’s all about sharing stories and supporting each other.

No one can hand on their heart say that they perform at 100% for 100% of the time.We’re only human and that’s ok!

Right now my mini de-stress is over,I’m off to bed to get some much needed beauty sleep!

Love you guys and thanks for sticking with me! I’m back baby! (As Bender in Futurama says!)



Life Update/ Youtube Channel!

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

How are you all keeping? Good I hope. Sorry I have been quiet on the weight loss front of late but that’s because not much has happened really.

My weight has definitely plateaued but I am currently around the 13 stone 11lb’s mark. If anything drastic changes, I will of course update you guys asap!

I have been super busy of late with my full time job and preparing for Christmas but if any of you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, I do keep these updated with my day-to-day goings on.

I have done nearly all my Christmas shopping which is a first for me as I am normally the one struggling to get everything at the very last minute. This year, I knew my wage payment dates and so had to plan ahead, so for once I am pretty organised!

I am still going to the gym about 3 times a week to keep my weight under control, which seems to be working. However, as you know, this time of year is rife with temptation and it has taken all my will power not to go and buy a box of mince pies. I am the only one who eats them in my house and I don’t like waste, so we all know how that would pan out!

I’m not losing any more but I’m hovering around one weight. I’ve found it hard to stay super motivated because as I’ve said before, I am pretty happy with my appearance at the minute, so I suppose shedding lb’s isn’t my main priority anymore. I am focusing more on toning up my loose skin and keeping fit and healthy than weight loss. The scales aren’t the main way to measure your progress, but measuring yourself is a good indicator!

I also have news! I have been busy writing of and thinking up new ideas for my Youtube channel…SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I have a Youtube channel! I have only put up my intro video so far but it is free to view if any of you would like to take a gander. Please be gentle as I toyed with this idea for such a long time as was unsure of how I would be received and what would come out of Pandora’s box once I opened it.

I aim to update this Youtube channel as often as possible but it’s hard at the moment with being super busy around the Christmas period.

I also have my driving theory test next Saturday so this has been on my mind a lot. Passing my driving test seems to be the last piece to click into my jigsaw so I feel like I’ve put huge importance on this. Next week I have made the decision to have a week off the gym so I can fully focus on revising (god haven’t said that word for a while!) for my theory test.

I hope I pass but if I don’t I guess it’s not the end of the world…fingers crossed!

Have a fab day lovelies and Happy 1st December!