‘Too Fat To Work’=Completely Ridiculous!

This story came up in my Facebook news feed and I could not believe my eyes. I wanted to swear I was so angry. Before I begin, take a look at the article and see for yourselves.

So basically the article is about a mother and daughter who claim £30,000 in benefits and both have state funded mobility scooters because they are ‘too fat to work’. According to them, they deserve the money…

I CANNOT and WILL NOT believe that the 17 stone daughter needs a mobility scooter, even if she has recurring leg problems. I was nearly 22 stone and I could still walk easily. This is just laziness of the highest order. I am gobsmacked that these people are allowed to promote the lifestyle of ‘I am meant to be this way’ and so don’t do any exercise.


How much more ill-informed can you be???

These people are claiming £30,000 a year in benefits because they openly accept the notion that they are ‘simply too fat to work’. I am aware that The Mirror have written this in such a way that it comes across as shocking; well its worked on me! They EVEN have a car that is paid for by us, the taxpayer, so that’s nice of us isn’t it?

The daughter is disillusioned; she ‘claimed she could not help being large because it’s in the family genes – so decided not to fight it.’ Now to me, this sounds like her mother has brainwashed her into believing that she cannot work because she weighs 17 stone. I know 17 stone is obese, but I know so many people who are or have been this weight or bigger (myself and partner included) who have held down jobs and moved about with little or no issue.

This bit shocks me the most:

The mother said: “There’s no point in dieting, it doesn’t make a difference. I’ve always been big and I’m too fat to work, so I have a genuine disability. I should be miserable, but I’m happy. I know this is the way I’m meant to be.” 

BEING FAT IS NOT A DISABILITY! I don’t care what anyone says; I know why I’m fat and its because I ate too much and did no exercise.


From watching the ‘What is the right diet for you?’ programme the other day, I accept that being overweight can, in some cases, be in your family history/genetic makeup. However, I distinctly remember the programme also stating that you can still take steps to improve your health despite having a genetic pre-disposition to being overweight.

One thing I do agree with though (can’t believe I just wrote that) is when the mother mentions the expense of healthier foods. She is partly right in the sense that higher calorie foods and junk foods like crisps, chocolate,etc  do tend to be cheaper. But, on the same scale, fruits and vegetables can be cheap and affordable too, if you buy them frozen and budget correctly.

So in conclusion, after almost swearing all over my lovely blog due to these lazy people, I will say that you should not take any of their ideas as your own because they clearly don’t understand the concept of wanting to live longer. These people have a very negative and warped idea about living healthy; they mention the word ‘diet’ a lot in negative sentences. It is clear, they have never tried to see life as living healthier and not a constant struggle of dieting.

The very fact that the mother was told ‘that if she wanted to work she could lose weight’ and she won a case and now gets £620 Employment and Support Allowance a month is laughable. She should not be entitled to this in my opinion because she has NO intention of looking for work and her support should come from her disability allowance and nothing else.

I may come across as cruel in this article but to be honest, I feel that strongly about it that I had to write this anyway.

People who decide that they can’t help being fat (unless its glandular) are wrong. Please don’t listen to them. You can help it. You don’t have to make yourself miserable by dieting. There are so many ways to look at this but the most important one is to give yourself a chance before you even begin to think about it not being worth it.


It is always worth it.

Rant Over. Sorry my lovelies!



Stop Before you Die! Magazine Article

So I was reading a typical women’s mag the other day and thought I would show you a picture of the cover.










Now aside from the fact that it’s a typical women’s magazine offering competitions, how to look slimmer and celebrity gossip, I thought the tagline under Dawn French was a bit much. The ‘Stop before you die’ tagline is intentionally placed in its bright, shock inducing writing so you will pick up the mag and buy it. It looks like it will be a double page spread about the comedienne and her trials and tribulations with weight loss.

However, upon opening the magazine, I felt short-changed as I was led to page 9 with only a short article describing how French, pictured above, is putting her health at risk due to yo-yo dieting. However, the real reason I have chosen to write about this article is because, for once, it is an article about the health risks associated with being overweight, as opposed to stories of ‘get that bikini body’. My opinion is, if the only reason you want to lose weight is to fit into the LBD or to look sexy at the Christmas party, then surely you know the weight will creep straight back on come New Year (regardless of what resolutions you may have made).

I agree that yo-yo dieting is not the way to go, but it is a story of a woman who has struggled with her weight her entire life, and, like me, when she does well, she loses stacks of weight and looks and probably feels so much healthier for it. It is the complete lifestyle overhaul that is the difficult part and losing weight at a sustainable rate. I was glad to read the article mentioning health problems in the high risk category, ‘such as type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and heart issues’; also how it mentioned recognition of your circumstances and what you are at risk of, while continuing on the path of obesity.

The conclusion of the article brought home the fact that, although appearance does improve with weight loss (French mentions how with weight loss,she thinks she doesn’t look good slim), Dawn French is ‘aware that it’s important to stay slim for her health and is happier for it’. I can definitely toast to that.

I would like to see many more of these sorts of articles in women’s magazines, rather than the vapid rubbish you see in the majority of them currently. Just think, replace ‘Look good in just 10 days’ or ‘get that bikini body now’ with ‘lose weight for your own well-being’ and ‘Healthy lifestyle is the way to go’ and you’re onto a winner. Granted, they don’t sound as snappy as the former but they promote healthy living in a way that your size 10 dress never can. Shouldn’t that be the whole point of weight loss; to feel happier and healthier?