Weekly Weigh In 24/2/16

Hi there lovelies!

So if you all follow my Instagram and Twitter feeds you will know that I finally got a  loss this week and lost a total of 5lb.

WAHOOOOOO! I wasn’t sure how it would go because I had a few drinks over last weekend.

I haven’t lost that amount of weight for a very long time so it just shows that Slimming World and writing absolutely everything down and being completely honest about my syns has worked.

Lee also pointed out that half of it is from my Whitby gain so it’s really only a 2.5lb loss but I’m still happy. Even if I now lose a tiny amount each week, I’ll be happy. I’ve been eating loads and have written it all down, even the few bad bits I have had.

Some of my meals over the past week are below:

I have had a ton of fruit both for breakfast and to snack on to avoid reaching for the naughty stuff. I’ve missed being able to just grab a low calorie snack bar or bag of low cal crisps because according to the syn calculator, they’re quite high in syns, so this has taken some getting used to. However, it does force you to think more about what you’re putting in your body as you’re trying to keep within your syn count for the day.

I found it a little hard at first with Lee as he’s still eating the stuff I had started to eat again like garlic bread and naan bread but I have made myself salad with curry instead of a naan for example. Once I get it into my head, I don’t think about the absence of starch based foods but I have had days where I have wanted them but have made myself avoid them because although they taste nommy, they just don’t fill me.

Last night I had a jacket taty with beans and cheese (synned the cheese) and I really really enjoyed it because the cheese made it feel like it was bad for me.

I’m slowly getting used to it but it’s clear that I love my syns as I’m still having a lot of them. :/

So I’m going to try and stay as on track as much as possible for the next week and see where that takes me.

I have to say it’s so nice to feel in control again.Theres a lot to be said for saying no to things;it empowers you. No I will not have that garlic bread and no I will not have that chocolate!

If you’re on Slimming World or indeed whatever journey you’re on,how has your week been? Have you struggled with certain things or have you tackled it with vigour and come out on top?

I’d love to know as I think it helps if we share and help each other get motivated to have as healthy a week as possible!

Have a wonderful weekend guys and speak soon!



Whitby Goth Weekend 2015/Weigh In/Measurements

This post is a bit late but better late than never right?!

Whitby was awesome!

I ate so much and had the best time! I said I wasn’t going to worry about calories or nutrition too much whilst I was there so I really enjoyed my food. I had cake…


the biggest fish and chips in the world…

 cheeseburger,chips & garlic bread, ice-cream (oh the ice-cream)…IMG_0414

lots of alcohol…

crisps and so much more!

Thankfully, going to Whitby involves a heck of a lot of walking so I actually managed to maintain my weight this past week despite eating all the food I could get my grubby hands on. Sometimes it’s not about watching what you eat;sometimes you just have to let go and enjoy yourself and I certainly did!

It was truly wonderful and everyone was so accepting of the culture, even those who weren’t dressed up (though there weren’t many!).

Here are just a few pictures from my time there. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a weekend away, especially for Goth Weekend!

From left to right:-Me, my older sis,Mum, Auntie and Bestie
All dressed up and ready to go!
With the moomaa
Met Edwards Scissor Hands!
On the sherbets with big sis!
Feeling naked as I don’t have a hat!

People were dancing without a care in the world and drinking and chatting together. There were people from all sorts of backgrounds and everyone was just happy. The atmosphere was so calm and relaxing, no negativity or horrible comments. We were all there for a good time and there’s a lot to be said for that.

Being at an event like that made me realise that the world is a lot bigger than my little town and not everyone is close-minded and callous towards you because of the way you look.

I love the way everyone came together and made each other feel relaxed in their company.

Anyway, I maintained this week thanks to all the walking balancing my crap eating out, so that’s good.

I also noted my measurements on 27th October 2015 as:

  • Arm (bingo wings):- 15 inches
  • Waist:- 42 inches
  • Stomach:- 36 inches
  • Bust (Boobeeees):- 41 inches

They have gone from 22nd January 2015 measurements of:

  • Arm:- 16 inches
  • Waist:- 49 inches
  • Stomach: 42 inches
  • Bust:- 45 inches

I’m not sure how good that is in the space of nearly 9 months but it’s good progress.

What do you guys do to keep yourselves motivated when the weight loss and body transformation slows?

Please note: Gulls Cry Cottage is where we stayed in Whitby and I would recommend it hands down. It is in the centre of Whitby so is perfect for everyone!



Whitby Goth Weekend Preparations and Weekly Weigh In

Good Morning to you my lovelies!

This past week has been mad busy for me as I have been getting ready for the upcoming Whitby Goth Weekend woooooooo! I am SUPER excited as I have never been before so don’t really know what to expect but am keeping an open mind.

I have started packing but my mum has specifically told me to pack light as she seems to think that cars are made out of paper and anything heavier than a feather will break it. There are 5 of us travelling and lets just say we’re all generously sized so that may have something to do with it!

I have spent days researching gothic makeup, hair and style ideas to figure out how to goth it up for the big weekend. I have this dress that you will have seen if you follow me on Instagram:


…and have bought this bolero to go over it but I plan on taking this off when inside  pubs so everyone can see the back of the dress. 🙂

Photo courtesy of ebay
Photo courtesy of Asos

I bought some fishnet tights like the ones above and already have some black boots to wear. I also have some of these skelebob hair clips that I’m going to try to work into my look:

Photo courtesy of Ebay

…and am going to attempt a go at this sort of makeup look:

hqdefaultor thismaxresdefault(both images courtesy of Google)

Basically come Thursday night, I will be mad trying out makeup looks to see which one looks best and attempt to do a decent liquid eyeliner! (I am terrible under pressure!)

I am also going to attempt to have my hair like this:

Photo courtesy of CreativeFan.com

It will be half pinned up and the rest down in ringlets (This will probably take me forever!) If I can get anywhere near this I will be really happy!

I have painted my nails like this ready for this weekend so may try and put red somewhere else in my outfit if possible.

That’s basically my look for the Saturday at the goth weekend, just because I cannot be bothered to make all that effort for the 3 days I’m there. I’ll just go all out for 1 day and be in comfortable alternative clothes for the rest of the weekend.

Has anyone been to Whitby Goth Weekend and do you have any recommendations of where to go to eat, drink and shop? I know its going to be super busy but I plan on buying a few special presents for Christmas and also shall stuff my face with seaside food! (doughnuts,ice-cream and fish ‘n’ chips I’m looking at you!)

On another note, this week’s weigh in was:

So that’s a loss of 2 lb which I wasn’t expecting as I had a takeaway on Friday and a big breakfast Saturday morning. It just shows that as long as you have a balance and don’t go overboard, you can still enjoy the naughty foods. I will just have to pull it back a bit after Whitby and not get carried away with all the lovely food! I also took my measurements last night and wrote them down in a book. The last time I had taken them was January this year and I have lost a fair few inches since then. I can’t tell you my measurements as I don’t have my book with me (yeah I know,what an idiot) so will add these and maybe update this post later!

Have a fab day lovelies and let me know your suggestions on where to go in Whitby!



Weigh Day Wednesday 21/10/15

Good Morning guys!

Quick question, do you think I should move the weigh-ins to just every other week? I feel like these posts aren’t gaining as much attention as maybe they used to, not really sure why but ah well. Anyways let me know your thoughts as I am thinking about incorporating my weigh in into other posts instead of just having one talking about my weekly weigh in.

Anyway, This past Sunday was my 26th Birthday! On Friday my sisters took me to Sheffield as a surprise but we ended up walking for about half an hour to find where the pubs they wanted to go were (that was good exercise). I didn’t drink a lot really, not really sure why but enjoyed myself and then ended on a McDonald’s (Big Tasty meal to be exact). Then on Saturday me and Lee stayed in and ordered a curry. I had a chicken Jalfrezi which was gorgeous!Lee had a spicy lamb Karachi I think which gave him the hiccups due to the sheer heat!

Then on Sunday, all my family came over with lots of presents and my two besties came too. They all devoured the cake my colleague had made me…

Though its clear why as it was beautiful! I have had a taste but not actually had a piece so I think that will be tonight’s treat after my driving lesson!I seemed to get wine from everyone so I must be giving off an alco vibe!

All in all I had a good birthday and realised just how much Lee, my family and friends love me. It really makes you appreciate the loved ones in your life when you see them all chatting and laughing at your house;best feeling ever!:)

I went to the gym Monday but only had a short session, then yesterday had about 50 minutes so exercise has been less than usual but I have tried to make up for it with my food (apart from birthday celebrations). Besides, there’s no point beating myself up about not doing enough because I did what I could with the time I had and that’s all you can ask for.

I found my measuring tape!

 So will take my measurements and then stick em up to begin the progress checking on this one. 🙂

This week’s weigh in was:

A good one! I’m back into the 13’s which means my holiday bloating has well and truly faded. Think that’s a loss of 2lb and a quarter. I am just aiming to lose a little every few weeks as I’m not working as intense as I used to. I’m trying not to push myself so hard at the gym but try harder with my food as that’s where I struggle.

I also booked my theory test so am going to have to focus more on that to pass rather than pounding it at the gym all the time. I kind of got a bit obsessed for a short while but feel I have a better balance now.

I’m doing well with not obsessing about the scales (even though I am still weighing in); I’m not letting the number affect me so much because it’s not a sprint is it?

I will get there when I get there and that takes so much pressure off. 🙂

Have a good day guys.



Weigh Day Wednesday 14/10/15

Good Afternoon lovelies!

This week’s weigh in was as expected. I maintained at 14stone 1lb. I went to see Fall Out Boy in Manchester on Friday as my birthday present from Lee (woop woop!).

Here are a few pics:





 That’s Lee faking a sad face coz he’s not a huge fan of FOB haha.

As I wasn’t at work the following Friday, on Thursday night we had chinese (I know!), then Friday morning I had a McDonald’s Breakfast, later had a curry and the morning after at Trafford Lodge we had a continental breakfast. I had toast, cereal AND pastries for mine so basically had my meals and everyone else’s too!

However, I got straight back on it when I got home. I don’t know how people can say that you can still go out with friends or on nights out and have a healthy version of what you would normally have. When I go out I WANT TO EAT CRAP. Going out is a special occasion that doesn’t happen very often, so naturally I want to treat myself while out and I don’t want to be made to feel bad for fully enjoying myself!

This coming Sunday is my 26th birthday. YAY! So I am going to be as good as I can food wise then enjoy my birthday cake that my awesome colleague Tracy is making for me. Will put the photos up when I get it. 🙂 I might also do a little birthday post to show you what I got if it’s anything good haha.

Last week I said I would take my measurements to use them as more of a guideline now my weight loss has slowed. However, I can’t bloody find them! So tonight I am going to turn my house upside down and not stop until I find them and get my measurements!

Here’s to being another year older and starting to lose my marbles! (I know I’m still in my 20’s but sometimes I feel SO OLD!).

Love you guys and thanks for continuing to follow me! Tell me have any of you found that taking your measurements help keep you motivated?