Reminding myself of how far I’ve come

OK, so it’s time for a little self love which I feel is way overdue if I do say so myself.

We all go around shouting body positivity and saying fuck what everyone else thinks. You are you and you are unique, so it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks…Right?

But how many of you actually believe that? How many of you appreciate what you are both inside and out? I don’t, I’ll be honest, but I’m trying.

I fall foul of this and say I appreciate what I’ve achieved but its been that slow a process for the last 12 months or so, that I seem to have forgotten just how damn hard I have worked over the past 3 years to get where I am now.

So without further delay,here are a few of my old pics and a few new ones mixed in too, just to show both you and myself how far I have come and how much progress I’ve made.

Hopefully this will help you as much as I’m hoping it will me.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who feels complacent with their diet or healthy lifestyle and I do try not to call it a diet because it shouldn’t be. But we restrict ourselves if we have a particularly heavy weekend with the booze or food and we shouldn’t.

The aim should be just to live healthier in general, not 4 days on and 3 days off. It doesn’t work that way.

Anyway I’m moving off topic here but what I’m trying to say is, if you are one of those who feel like they are trying to live healthier but are just going through the motions. Find a collection of photos both before, during and at the shape you are now and really look at them and take in everything you have achieved.

If you’re just starting your journey, then find a photo of you where you felt fantastic and use that as a goal to feel as good as you did in that photo. It doesn’t necessarily mean to lose a certain amount of weight but maybe to get better sleep, or learn to find new hobbies to do in your spare time or just to do more fun things that makes you happy.

Whatever it is, hold onto it and remind yourself how well you’re doing and that yes, you ARE ENOUGH.

Woah got a bit deep there.

Speak Soon lovelies, have a fab day!





Weigh Day Wednesday 9/9/15

Good Morning lovelies! How are you all? Are you super good and happy or are you a bit miserable because the weather (in the UK at least) has taken a turn for the worse and has gone a bit…meh.

I must admit I am finding those mornings harder to get out of bed as it’s getting darker. I don’t like it! Where has the summer gone?!

Anyway, onto this week’s progress. I started out putting it all in My Fitness Pal and was doing really well; even when my colleague brought me this beautiful slice of cake in that she had made just for me…

…it was as tasty as it looks! I put it all in My Fitness Pal app as I said I wasn’t going to lie to myself this week.

Then it was my mum’s birthday and so the obligatory piece of birthday cake was had at her house (it was like a door wedge in size!). I tried to keep my snacking to a minimum or at least reaching for healthy things. However, because we were running all over on Saturday getting last-minute holiday things, I seemed to grab quick things that involved bread. I had a breakfast sandwich at home (2 slices of bread), then a sweet chilli chicken sandwich from Asda ( 2 more slices of bread) and then made a curry Saturday night (1 massive naan to myself)… you get the picture. I felt stodged from carb overload.

Apart from those hiccups, I have been really good and exercised 4 days this past week. I still felt bloated (think my lady time may be due) and was not looking forward to getting on those scales.

I’m glad I did because I lost…2lb this week! Wahoooo!

What are the chances I’ll make it to 13 stone 6 3/4  by next Wednesday to get my 8.5 stone? I would have to lose 4lb in a week, which has happened in the past but I’m not even going to try and do that because I’ll be more annoyed if I don’t. So next week I’m just going to hope for another loss of any amount and see how I get on.

I will make myself continue to put it all in My Fitness Pal and see if I can make it to a full week of jotting it down this time!

How are your weight loss journeys going? Have you discovered a better way of living healthy? Do you obsess about certain things like I do? (I know it’s not healthy to obsess) Have you fallen off track and are trying to get back on it?

Let me know in the comments and hopefully we can all encourage each other to appreciate ourselves a little bit more and not be too hard on ourselves, whilst trying to live a healthier and happier life.

Speak soon lovelies!



Weigh Day Wednesday 19/8/15

Hi There lovelies,

This past week has been a pretty good one in terms of exercise. I’m really getting into the new gym routine now and am figuring out my limits and resistance levels on the different cardio machines.  I am sweating a ton though when I’m at the gym and my other half suggested I am pushing it a bit too hard..ah well.

I was good with my food too apart from Saturday where I ended up having 6 slices of white bread in one day! This was just due to laziness and nothing else.

I had a drink on Friday and Saturday so still enjoyed myself. On Saturday I wore my new Boohoo bargain dress (£5) out to a family do.I posted a picture that Lee took up on my social media and had a crazy positive reaction that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Here is the picture:


So many people commented and their lovely comments really boosted my confidence. I know its vain but stuff like this really spurs me on to keep going, even on those days where I feel shit and fat.

I will post no makeup photos and pics where my clothes don’t exactly flatter me…

…to show my attempts to slim into a smaller size, stretch marks on show and all. Its that accountability thing all over again. If I post it then you see it and see that I don’t just post the pretty pictures but the flabby ones too!:)

Anyway back to my weigh in this morning. I tried not to get my hopes up because it was potentially a massive weight loss milestone but I didn’t want to be gutted if I hadn’t achieved that. So much seemed to be weighing on today’s weigh in (pun not intended). I got on the scales and…


Sorry about that, minor outburst there… but YAY!

Here’s hoping I can get another half a stone off before I go away in September so I can feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini. :D.

Speak soon lovelies!



Weigh Day Wednesday 22/7/15

Hi there lovelies,hope you’re well.

This week has not been fantastic in terms of food yet again (god I feel like a broken record) because I have made 3 terrible meal choices.

Friday– I had Chinese because me and Lee were drinking.

Saturday– I went to a wedding do and me and Lee went for an Indian as a late anniversary ( I’m allowing this one).

Sunday– Had no breakfast and went for KFC at about 4pm.

None of this screams health nut!My problem is that I cave too easily when Lee suggests something or sometimes I push for a takeaway because I can’t be bothered.In the beginning I had loads of motivation but it seems to have subsided and I hate that.

Nobody’s perfect,I get that…but I’ve come this far,so why am I sabotaging myself?!

This week I knew I had put on because I could feel it.I weighed in at:

  …so that’s a gain of 1.5 lb.

I’m fed up of the fluctuation now and I know my weakness is the weekend because I can’t be bothered to cook. I’m not blaming anyone but myself because I can always say no if Lee suggests a takeaway but that’s it now.I need some time away from takeaways because I always have great weeks at work then completely ruin it Friday through Sunday.

This Friday I’m going down south for a works office party.I can’t drink a lot anyway because I have to travel back on the Saturday and I think it will be a barbecue so I’ll be careful with the food.

I’m going back on Myfitnesspal until I’m back on track and then on the 1st August (or maybe a bit before) I’ll be joining the new gym so hopefully that will help.I’ll be back with my mum after a long while so let’s hope catching up with her will help spur me on with my eating choices.

I don’t want you guys to think I’m failing you but right now I’m struggling because I’m not preparing for the weekend.Thursday night I should prep a fakeaway so there is no temptation when I’ve had a drink because the last thing I want to do on a Friday is a lot of food prep!

Hoping for a better week next week and hoping I can get back on an even keel.I truly hope you guys are all making fab food choices and smashing  your weight loss goals.

Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!



Weigh day Wednesday 15/7/15

Happy Wednesday lovelies! (I know it’s really Thursday but was Wednesday when I wrote this )

So today I got on the scales and weighed in at:

That’s a loss of 1 lb with only three days of exercise as I had a driving lesson on Thursday and it will be the same this week too. I am happy with the loss.

Going on from my last progress post,I went to TGI Fridays and it was a massive let down.The service was ridiculously slow and the portions were NOT big.I had half a rack of ribs with fries (didn’t get a pic as I was ravenous) and Lee had a pulled pork burger and fries. The food tasted lovely but there was not enough there for the £12 that mine cost.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the night…

Sweetheart cocktail- this was lush and at £5.75 was a bargain!
With the moomaa
Picture with C3PO naturally!
With Lee
and a pic with R2D2!

On another note, my gym is officially closing on July 31st, no two ways about it. I was gutted when I found out the meeting had been had and they basically gave Danny (gym instructor) no hope of running the gym self-employed. It feels like a chapter of my life has closed. It wasn’t the best gym but it was where all my hard work was done on the fitness front. I am sad to be leaving it. Here are a few pics of my time spent there (cue sad music)…

Day I found out It was shutting, not a soul in sight. 🙁
Taking advantage of the mirror 😀
Working hard on the leg press ouch!
Catching my expression after a workout…KNACKERED!
Bit blurry, but catching myself on the treadmill.
Getting rid of my bingo wings!

This is a new start for me now, as from the beginning of August I will be joining a large mainstream gym called DW Sports. It is more expensive but I’m hoping it will give me the kick up the bum I need. It has tons of machines to use, weights, a matted area for floor exercises, swimming pool, showers, place to eat… basically it has everything. So I am going to kick myself up the bum and go where my mum is. It’ll be so nice to go to the gym with someone again instead of being on my own. You can motivate yourself for so long but it gets hard.

Two of my sisters go there now too so it’ll be nice having the famalam back together again.

You never know, I may just get to 12 stone for Christmas!

Wish me Luck!

Sorry this has been  along post but a lot has happened!

Til next time weight loss warriors, keep plodding on!