Spin Class!

Today I tried a new exercise…spinning.

I have heard stories about this before and how great it is for weight loss but also how difficult it is.

It’s basically cycling on a stationary bike to music whilst a super fit person at the front shouts at you (ok, gives orders of what to do next!)

To be completely honest I got a huge sweat on while doing it but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be.I took it easier than I would have at the advice of a woman and my sister next to me. So, for fear of hurting myself,I listened to them.

I enjoyed it but feel I could’ve pushed myself a bit harder but glad I didn’t for a first try.

The beauty of this though is that you feel AMAZING after.There is such a great atmosphere in the class because you’re all sweating together and the trainer really gets you going and encourages you to up your intensity.

I enjoyed it that much that I will be booking on one for next week!

If you’re considering a new exercise,I’d say go for it!It can boost weight loss and boost your mood too and it’s always good to refresh your exercise routine if you feel you’re not getting the same results you did when you first started.

We can get stuck in a rut with our exercise regime so it’s always good to change it up.

Book a spin class or kettle bells,try water aerobics or just try something new that you haven’t done before. I guarantee you will enjoy it,and if you don’t then try something else! 😉