5 Ways with Overnight Oats

Hi Lovelies!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now,and thought what better day to brighten your spirits than first thing on a Monday morning!

I know this doesn’t look pretty but it tasted AWESOME!

I LOVE overnight oats; so much so that I put all kinds of variations together to make for a fab breakfast dessert.

Here are a few of my top Overnight oats breakfasts.

1. Oats, pineapple,mango, peach, fat free natural yoghurt sweetened with canderel, with a sprinkling of granola on top (This is my summery breakfast)
2. Oats, sweetened fat free natural yoghurt, orange segments, grapes, apple chunks, (this is what I make when I have ran out of all the other more interesting fruit and don’t have much to work with haha)
3. Oats, sweetened fat free natural yoghurt, honeydew melon, passion fruit
4. Oats, sweetened fat free natural yoghurt mixed with a little choc shot, banana, strawberries, with a bit of honey drizzled on top (MY FAVE)

Those are just a few of my faves and yeah they do seem a bit samey, but the basics are the same.

I make my oats in this order: Oats, tablespoon of water, drizzled of yoghurt, all the fruit, more yoghurt, top with dry ingredients, honey or choc shot.

I always use between 35-40grams of porridge oats as that’s the Slimming World recommended amount, so I figure its best to weigh it, rather than play a guessing game. 🙂

If I’m feeling particularly naughty, I’ll use a chocolate yoghurt instead like the Shape one I used here; now that is GORGEOUS!

What do you put in your overnight oats?



My Top 10 Healthy Breakfasts

Good Morning lovelies!

With it being a Monday Morning, I thought this post would be perfect to get those motivational juices flowing and get you on the right track of healthy eating from the get-go!

This post does what it says on the tin and really needs no introduction, so without further delay, here are my top 10 Healthy breakfasts!

1.Porridge-I have Mornflake Oats 2 Go porridge in the individual sachets or pots because I can’t be bothered with measuring sometimes and they are quick and easy to grab, stick in your bag and make up when you get to work! This is perfect to keep you going until lunchtime and involves no preparation what-so-ever.

Image courtesy of Mornflake website

2. Breakfast Burritos– These are a must for those days when you are ravenous and fancy a full English but with less of the calories.These involve a bit of preparation (I make mine the night before) but you will be glad you did when you’re bleary eyed and need a tasty wake up call.


3. Slimming World Overnight Oats– I love these on a morning when I know I will be having a gym session later. The best bit about these is you can make them any way you like with any flavour yoghurt and any combination of fruit. Get creating!


4. Pancakes! These are super easy to make, don’t take a lot of prep and are massively satisfying. This recipe doesn’t use flour either and is super tasty with some natural yoghurt drizzled on top. These are best enjoyed on a weekend when freshly made. You can freeze them but fresh is better. 🙂


5. A proper (healthy) English breakfast- This had to be somewhere in the top 10. It involves most of the elements of an english breakfast but made healthy. Bacon, egg,mushrooms can all be fried in Frylight, you can swap beans for chopped tomatoes with salt and pepper and still enjoy your toast but instead of using butter, put all your breakfast on top of your toast so you have moisture from the toms and egg yolk. This breakfast is super satisfying and you could even had Quorn sausages or as close to 100% meat sausages as dammit and cook them in the oven. 😀 Slimming World do a version if you want to follow their recipe.

Variation of a healthy breakfast, high % meat sausages,small portion of beans and I cut the fat off the bacon when eating!

6. Poached eggs on Toast- This is a nice light breakfast that, with the protein from the eggs, will keep you fuller for longer and less likely to snack. If you’re CRAP at poaching eggs like me, you can buy a poaching pan with 4 ready-made holes in to do all the hard work for you. Have 2 large poached eggs on 2 wholemeal toast and throw in some Frylight cooked mushrooms if you’re feeling extra hungry!

I didn’t have a picture of poached eggs on toast alone so took a close up of a poached egg that I had with breakfast a few weeks ago. 🙂

7. Omelette/Frittata-sticking with the egg theme as I find it fills me up. This a great breakfast. You can add mushrooms, peppers, onions, chicken and tomatoes to egg mixture and make a super filling summery frittata!My recipe is here and the best bit about it is, you can have it at any time of day for any meal! Note: a sprinkling of cheese makes it that little bit more indulgent!

FullSizeRender (1)

8.Cereal-No this is not a cop-out! There are a lot of healthy cereals out there. Some of my favourites are Fruit and Fibre, Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, the aforementioned Oats 2 Go and Granola (in small quantities). These vary on calories but I tend to have around 50 grams instead of the suggested 30-35g because I am a growing woman who needs her nutrition! 😉 Have your cereal with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk and if you’re feeling fruity, chop a banana on top and mix it in!

Porridge with sliced bananas


Fruit & Fibre with semi-skimmed milk




















9. Fruit with yoghurt-I LOVE THIS now it’s summer time as it really sets you up for the day. You can vary apples with grapes, strawberries with nectarines and bananas with oranges. There really is no limit to this as the combinations are endless. Then top with natural yoghurt (I sweeten mine with Stevia) and add a drizzle of honey or throw on some walnuts for good measure! This is one of my favourite healthy breakfasts as it fills you until lunch and you get some of your 5 a day! The photo below actually uses Mullerlight strawberry yoghurt with sliced banana and raspberries topped with fruity & nutty granola.The combinations are endless!


10. Slimming World doughnuts-I haven’t made these yet but they look simply gorgeous! I would imagine that this is something you would have if you’re gagging for something sweet and nothing else will do.I’ll give these a go and let you know how I get on.:)

I hope these breakfast ideas have shed some light and given you some thoughts as to how you can change-up the most important meal of the day.

If you have any other breakfast suggestions not mentioned here then drop a comment and share your favourites!

Think my current favourite still has to be the breakfast burritos but they are a tough one to beat!;)

That’s all for now lovelies!