Slimming World Barbecue Range: Thai Chicken Burgers Review!

Barbecue Range is here!

NB: This review is my own opinion and is not endorsed by Slimming World or Iceland.

The new Slimming World Barbecue range came out a few weeks ago but this past weekend was the first time I managed to get my hands on the goods! I only really wanted to try the Thai Chicken Burgers as I prefer to make my own beef burgers, although the Mediterranean Chicken sausages do look lush so these may be worth a try!

What they look like frozen.
Ya gotta pout!

The instructions stated to either grill or BBQ the burgers but I did mine in the oven on 180ºC (fan assisted) for about 25 minutes.

Straight out of the oven!

I tasted one straight out of the oven and they were gorgeous; really meaty as you can tell with the perfect spice mix. They’re not spicy at all, just flavourful (yes that is a word, I think).

With a huge pile of salad for my lunch at work!

I had two of the burgers with a load of salad for my lunch at work the next day so I reheated them to eat them warm. I have to say I ruined them when I reheated them in the microwave because they went really rubbery and were difficult to cut. The flavour was still there but they were hard to chew because I had blasted them in the microwave. So I would say if you make these in the oven like I did, eat them straight away or eat them cold if you’re having them the day after. I have eaten them since straight out of the oven and they really are lovely.

At only 136 Calories each, you can easily have two with salad like I have or have one on a bread cake and eat barbecue style ( as intended). You get 4 in a pack and they are really satisfying but at £3 they may be a bit too expensive for people to have all the time. They’re definitely worth it for a treat every now and again and take all the preparation out of hand making your own burgers.

I give these a 7 out of 10 because the flavour is there, just don’t reheat them!

If you’ve tried the other items in the new barbecue range, let me know what you think. I’m planning on trying the chicken sausages soon as they look super tasty!

If you want to try the range, you can find them here: 

That’s it for now lovelies, have a wonderful weekend!



Slimming World Ready Meals Review!


Ok so I was super excited for this release, purely because I love the Slimming World recipes and had high hopes for these meals as the recipes are really tasty.

Available exclusively at Iceland stores and online, this was ideal for me as Iceland is one of my regular places to shop anyway. I plan on having a few of these meals in stock for those days when I am either too knackered to cook or just feeling a bit lazy.

The meals I chose were the Meatballs & pasta with a spicy tomato sauce and the Chicken tikka masala. Queue vain pose with the meals:


My mum tried the Beef in red onion gravy with veg crush but also bought the Hot-smoked salmon farfalle to try.

NB: This is an honest opinion and is in no way endorsed by Slimming World. I have genuinely wanted to try these ever since my mum told me they were being released.

So last night I tried the Meatballs with pasta dish. It looks like this before going in the microwave.


It definitely looks better than other frozen ready meals I have had; that’s before it cooked! I followed the microwave instructions on the pack which were pretty easy to follow. One thing I noticed right away is that this meal in particular is quite high for calories and was about 550 calories for the whole thing. However, if you are on Slimming World plan, then these meals are all classed as Free. I try to have an even balance and not completely concentrate on calories but rather on how healthy the foods I eat are. I allowed the meal to cool for a minute as the instructions stated and then plated mine up with a side salad of bagged lettuce,tomatoes,cucumber and onion.

The meal just out of the microwave.
Plated up with my salad.

I wasn’t sure how the meatballs would taste because meat in frozen ready meals tends to leave a lot to be desired and can taste like cardboard. However, when I bit into a  meatball it was so meaty!

super meaty meatball!

These are really good quality meatballs and I was really impressed with them. The meat is beef and pork mixed together but I didn’t realise this and just thought they were beef. The meatballs weren’t soggy or full of breadcrumbs but were firm and juicy. The pasta was nice too but I have to admit there wasn’t a lot of sauce in the meal and the sauce that was there, was pretty watery. I added a bit of salt just for my taste but maybe a kick of chilli in the recipe wouldn’t have gone amiss.

I wasn’t expecting these meals to be a replacement or my normal food but just to have for those days when I really cannot be bothered to make anything, that I can quickly throw in the microwave and ding. That’s what they do!

My mum had the beef with veg crush, which she really enjoyed. She had hers with cabbage but did say that the veg crush was not to her taste as, again, it was too watery. One fantastic thing though, it that she said she was going to use the recipe on the back of the pack (yes, they all come with a recipe to allow you to re-create your own version) and make it again in future. I think this is the main point of these meals; that you can easily recreate them at home using easy to obtain ingredients.

I am really looking forward to trying the Chicken Tikka Masala because I love a good curry and I have also made the Slimming World recipe for this at home previously. It will be interesting to see Slimming World’s own take on a classic curry!

These meals are generously portioned and ideal for anyone both on the SW plan and also who are just looking to change-up their meals a bit for something different. I also think the price of £3 is fair because you get a lot for your money and these meals alone without a side dish would still be filling. Next on my list are the Singapore Noodles as I have heard fab things about these on the internet waves!

I definitely recommend anyone to give these a go because they really are ideal for those days when you are just too busy to cook or just want an easy, healthy meal.

Good Job Slimming World. I am a convert! 😉

For the full range, check out Slimming world website here or go to Iceland’s page about the meals to order.