The Woman Tax article

This article came up on my news feed the other day so, intrigued I clicked through to reveal an article from the Guardian. It was an article about how women end up paying more for feminine goods when in reality there is no difference between them and their gender counterpart.

The link is here:

Published on 4th Nov (equal pay-day), it mentioned how from this date is effectively when women are working for free for the rest of the year until January 1st. It goes on to talk about a woman tax; basically how our pay gap is made worse by the fact that we pay more for goods that society deems essential to be part of the norm and not stick out like a sore thumb.

I for one, agree wholeheartedly with the author how, as intelligent individuals, it is up to women to stop buying into the massive con that retailers and modern pop culture are trying to sell to us. We do not NEED a pink razor with a metal strip across it to prevent from getting a close shave. What’s the point in buying one, if you’re left with a day old leg stubble right after you shave?!

There are so many products that are marketed towards women that we really don’t need and even more so, the male equivalents are much cheaper! Just because a product is pink or is ‘especially formulated for women’ doesn’t mean you should buy it instead of the generic one.  A perfect example,like the author describes, are painkillers for when you are on your period. Normally I just take ibuprofen or paracetamol, just the own brand packs that are roughly 20p. But oh no, companies such as Feminax  or Wellwoman tell you that their products work much faster and targets pain quicker specifically to women, despite the fact that the ingredients are pretty much the same as any generic non brand of vitamin or painkiller.

An article about the Woman Tax in Forbes mentions, ‘California, the first state to ban gendered pricing in 1996, found that, on average, women spent an extra $1,351 per year in these extra costs and fees.’ That is a massive amount just to look like we normal everyday woman.

This woman tax is something that could catch on and you could expect queues of women clutching pink razors, bath towels and multivitamins demanding their tax back for a product that is, SHOCK HORROR, just the same as the shops own brand.

So calling all women, please don’t buy into this silly culture of choosing a product because on the box it says ‘specially formulated for the feminine digestive system’  because then you will be joining the other sheep who pay extra for the privilege of being a woman.

Take back your power ladies and buy generic!It’s cheaper!women_empowerment