“On Wednesdays we wear pink”-The Mean Girls Phenomenon

Ok so this is not really related to weight loss but I had to write a post as it tickled me so much.

Whilst walking to work this morning, these 3 girls walked past me on their way to school. As I glanced at them I suddenly realised with glee that they looked like a carbon copy of each other.

They all had the same style of duffle coat with fur around the trim. They all had long black midi skirts on (possibly uniform but you can wear trousers). They all had the same black tights on. They all had similar flat dolly shoes. They all had their bag held in the elbow join of their right arm. And get this, even their strides were almost in sync!Two of them had dyed blonde hair too but I couldn’t see the third as she had her hood up.

This made me chuckle so much because I realised that at that age, nobody wants to stand out. We all want to fit in with our peers and come across as likeable. Those of us who choose to stand out are marked with cruel nicknames and such like when all we are trying to be is unique.

Although I didn’t know these girls and they gave me no indication as to what their personalities were like, I likened them to the 3 clicky girls in the film ‘Mean Girls’.

“On Wednesdays we wear pink.” That sort of thing.

I now call out to women of all ages who feel they are not showing their true colours and are too afraid to break out of the mould. Borrowing those famous words;

 ‘Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.’ Judy Garland

I know for teenagers it’s slightly different and sometimes you sacrifice parts of your personality to make sure you fit in. It’s one of the most scary things allowing people to see the real and true version of you at that age. I get that. But maybe once in a while just let out a little bit of yourself; I guarantee you will feel empowered and grow in confidence. You are original and there is no one else in this world like you, so show it off!

Stay Strong ladies!



Time for a Pep Talk People!

Hi There Weight Loss Warriors and Readers alike,

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately about people who are so unhappy with their bodies and themselves in general that I felt the need to write this post.

I see all these messages of ‘Why can’t I lose weight’ and ‘I hate my body, I don’t look right’ and it frustrates me. Firstly, we all have our own skin and we are all unique. No 2 people are the same. We all have our own personalities and traits that make us individuals.

You should be proud of your curves, or of that pouch in your lower belly that grew when you were pregnant. You should be proud of your scars and stretch marks. You should be proud of all the flaws that make you the person you are. Let’s embrace that.

Now I am one of the first people to admit that I used to feel trapped in my body. I had all these things to say but felt inadequate and had no confidence at all. At 17 I didn’t really know my identity or who I was, or what I liked; but I wanted someone to tell me that I was a wonderful person and that my flaws made me unique. I had and still have body hang ups, like most women. I felt I was just a blob with no curves and my stomach stuck out way too far over my jeans. I would wear baggy clothes often to hide my body but would have my boobs on display, almost as a distraction to the rest of me. I was also massively self conscious of the amount of body hair on my body, namely my face.

Looking back at old photos now I cringe. I was not confident and I wasn’t fooling anyone.

Me at 17 faking confidence (ignore the crazy makeup and mad piercings…oh and the massive boobs)

I would have days where I felt good about myself because I’d done my hair a certain way or bought new clothes; but it would only take a funny look from someone or seeing people whispering behind me (even though I didn’t hear them so had no idea what they were saying) to knock my confidence back down to zero.

It’s only now I’m older that I realise that life is short and you should enjoy your body to its fullest for as long as you are in it.It’s a shame that its only now that I realise that what other people think shouldn’t matter. Everyone is on their own path and you should NEVER compare yourself to them.


If you want to do something, then do it to benefit yourself and not anyone else. Be happy in your own skin and ignore everyone who may seem to be watching your every move.You are beautiful You don’t have to prove your worth to the world but you do have to realise it within yourself. You ARE worthy of that job or the attention that someone gives you (who may be looking at you because they may want to know more about you.)


Take that chance and let yourself flourish. If you genuinely want to lose weight to feel healthier and better about yourself, then go for it but enjoy your current body too. Try to do things that a lack of confidence may make difficult, but do them anyway. Appreciate your worth and take steps to further your journey of happiness. This life is a gift, make it special.

Much love from SIMW


P.S: If anyone ever wants to get in touch or needs a pick me up, just email or comment and I will respond as soon as possible.

This Girl Can Campaign

So I was trolling Youtube on my break and came across this video on Sprinkle of Glitter’s page about the This Girl Can’ Campaign that Sport England is running to help encourage more women to get into physical activity. I did a bit of research about it and it sounds pretty awesome. I registered to receive some more information about the initiative but the general idea is that it is trying to get more women being active and having the confidence to go out and exercise, regardless of who’s watching.


I know my blog centres around weight loss and living healthier, but I have always been an advocate of being happy with your body just the way it is. I believe that as long as you are happy, then forget about everyone else.I wasn’t, so I did something about it. I know what its like to feel like you are being watched and to constantly worry about sweating when out in public exercising. I still get that feeling when you walk into a gym and see what I call ‘perfect physiques’ exercising. I used to wonder why they even bothered to exercise if they are that skinny.

It’s only since I’ve been doing the exercise regularly and spoken to some of these people that I have realised that not everyone who goes to the gym is there to lose weight. Some of them are there to tone, some are getting healthy to live longer and others are there to boost their overall wellbeing. There are a few who go because they enjoy it (I don’t think I will ever get this concept) but people go to the gym for their own personal reasons, its none of my business what they are.

The #ThisGirlCan campaign definitely sounds like something I wish to get onboard with and help promote because I have experienced the nervousness of wanting to exercise but being too scared to for fear of feeling and looking stupid. ‘This Girl Can’ promotes healthy living in numbers so you don’t have to do the exercise by yourself. Just get up, get your joggers on no matter how scruffy they are and get out and do something, anything. I guarantee you will feel empowered and more confident just by taking that first step.

#ThisGirlCan and I can too!