Life Update: Marriage and Weight Gain

As the title suggests, this is both a positive and kick up the bum post.

I need to get it out or I’ll explode. So first the good; I GOT MARRIED!

WOOOOOOO! After nearly 9 years I finally got hitched to Mr Fisher and I could not be happier.

Here are just a few pics of the amazing day.

It was a wonderful day and soo many people came.

And now the not so good.

I am really struggling with this healthy living lark.

In the lead up to the wedding I had something to aim for because I needed to make sure I could fit into my dress but I had been struggling for a while if I’m being honest with myself.

Firstly, this has nothing to do with quitting Slimming World as that was making me miserable; that was obsessing TOO MUCH about the scales, which isn’t healthy either in my opinion.

I know living healthy will help me live longer but something just isn’t clicking for the long-term in my brain at the moment.

At the weekend,we did our weekly shop and along with all the typical salad that is a regular in my trolley now, we picked up some indian starters, not just 1 or 2,4 different varieties and about 6 of each. Then I fancied one of those packs of mediterranean meats; you know the ones that have fat in them like serrano ham and such like. So I grabbed a huge pack because they were the only ones that had variety and because we had that, we got a pizza to put some of the meat on. (I NEVER BUY PIZZA IN THE SUPERMARKET)

I feel like I’m losing control of my ability to say no, or my ability to balance out the bad with the good. I was pretty good last week because when I’m at work, I have routine, but it gets to Friday and its like I let my cares disappear and shovel whatever I can in my mouth.

I feel like if Lee’s having something, then I want it too because I don’t want to miss out. I HATE MISSING OUT,especially when it comes to food.

I know I should draw a line under it and enjoy those little wobbles because life is about balance, but I can see my body shape changing and not for the better. 😦

I’ve worked so frigging hard but it seems to be getting really hard for me to keep my healthy food in check.

My little sister is joining Slimming World with my mum on Wednesday, so I’m hoping they can give me some motivation because I don’t want to go back up into the next stone bracket because I’ll feel like I’ve failed.

I’m trying not to use the scales too much but I need to get over myself and see what the damage is, and take my measurements again to see where I am with things.

I need help. How do you get back on it if your brain has basically given up and every time anyone offers you anything remotely naughty,you say yes straight away.

PLEASE HELP, I am seriously struggling :((



Weigh Day Wednesday 5/8/15

You know when you have one of those weeks where you feel uninspired,not much happens and you feel a bit meh?

Last week was like that for me.I maintained,work was busy and it was just a bit of a non-week if you know what I mean.

So super sorry for not posting my progress last week guys.

Onto this week (which has been much better),I joined the new gym and had my induction.Its fab! The classes,gym and swimming are all included in the price and there’s a jacuzzi and sauna to go in too!

I made sure I kept an eye on my snacking this week because I was eating too many biscuits and naughty goodness haha.

I went out with Lee on Friday for a birthday drink for him as his birthday was on Tuesday;got quite drunk actually! We came home and he suggested ordering a takeaway and I said, ‘no,let’s just have the leftover chicken that’s in the fridge with some salad’; (granted the chicken was leftover from a pretty healthy takeaway we had on Thursday but it had been baked in the oven not fried so it wasn’t too bad.) We shared that and it was satisfying so I was super happy about that.

I missed a gym day on Monday because I should’ve had a driving lesson, which had to be rearranged last minute so I ended up sat at home with itchy feet because I’m not used to free time anymore! I was in the kitchen pottering about and Lee asked if I was coming to sit down. I asked him why and he said ‘so I can see you and talk to you’. Bless Him! So I grabbed a drink and sat and chilled and it was actually really lovely.

However,because I missed that day,I felt I had to pound it at the gym super hard yesterday.I did 20 mins on the treadmill and burnt 200 calories on the bike,then my sister arrived and we went for a swim afterwards and treated ourselves to a jacuzzi to finish off.

I have to say when I look round the gym,it’s full of super fit,toned and healthy people all doing their thing.At first I felt like they were looking at me but as I looked round, I realised that I was the only one interested in what others were doing. So I dragged my attention back to Come Dine With Me whilst on the bike (oh did I forget to mention they have TV’s there that you can plug in and watch?!) and completed my workout.

That’s it for my week really.New gym is fab,I feel I am in control of what goes in my mouth again and something seems to have re-clicked in my brain to get fitter and healthier.

This morning, I got on the scales and my weight was…

 …that is a loss of 4lb and 3/4 from 14 stone 6.5 the previous week.

I am merely a few lb’s away from an 8 stone loss and it feels like it has taken FOREVER to get here.

 I attempted to take a picture of the weighing scales and my excitement but my face is covering the ’14’ part of the weight haha.Ah well double reflected excitement! (Nobody’s pretty in the morning!)
 I did another exciting face after I had put my makeup on to get it across better.;)

Today after work, I am going for a swim for an hour,going home and making a bolognese I think for tea. I will stick with watching my snacking and look forward to the spin class that I have booked in with my sister for on Friday…I must be mad!

Onwards and upwards for another fab week and look out for my review of the Slimming World Thai chicken burgers from the barbecue range!

Have a fab day weight loss warriors!


Weigh day Wednesday 1/7/15

NOTE: I wrote this post yesterday but didn’t have time to post so here is yesterday’s weigh day!

Hi there lovelies!

Is anyone else melting in this 30ºC heat wave? It’s currently thundering and lightning here in South Yorkshire as we can’t seem to take the sunshine without a thunderstorm!

Anyway back to my weigh in. Last week I gained 3lb’s and understood why (too much naughty food). This week I have lost just over 2lb’s so now weigh 14 stone 7lb and a quarter.(Woop!)

I feel fab and have taken to social media to basically be vain about my progress. Do you think there’s a limit as to how vain you can be because I don’t want to annoy people and make them think I’m rubbing it in their faces. However in the same breath,I feel like I deserve to shout it from the rooftops because I am working hard for this and am chuffed with the results so far!

Do you guys post progress pics or talk about your journey on social media? I find it helps me stay focused when people comment on how well I’m doing. It spurs me on!

This was a progress pic I posted yesterday on social media after buying some new lounge wear from New Look:

I had so many compliments from family and friends saying well done and asking how I did it.

                    Dan is my gym instructor so his comments meant a lot.

I know I’m being a bit self-absorbed but those who have followed my blog from the beginning will know that this is a huge thing for me.
To even post a picture like this 18 months ago was completely unthinkable. So if you’re progressing well on your journey but feel like you have plateaued lately and lost some motivation, look back at those ‘before’ photos and then look in the mirror. You are doing it! Progress is always good no matter how slow.

So if you feel comfortable,please post your pictures and tell me your stories in the comments because you all deserve to feel amazing in your bodies.  Do you post progress on your social media? If so, how do people react? Flaunt your progress pics ladies and gents!



Weigh Day Wednesday 20/5/15

Good Morning lovelies.

This post feels like a hugely important one for me.This past week has been one filled with new experiences.I was promoting my Just Giving page to raise money to support the Tiny Hearts Appeal for Barnsley Hospital and got masses of donations.In the end I raised around £235 which, considering my target was £100,was bloody fantastic!

I have never experienced that anticipation of a race before.The week of the race was spent training and I ran my first 5k in training on the Wednesday before the run on the treadmill in my gym.It took me 34 minutes and I felt exhausted,so naturally I was a bit concerned how I would fare outside with hills and concrete.

I needn’t have worried because this Sunday I completed my first 5k run and it felt amazing! I couldn’t run all the way but I didn’t too bad!I think my final time was roughly 40 minutes ish because I struggled with the hills and also was slowing down to get pelted with powder paint (which was awesome by the way!).

Here are a few pics of the run!

blissfully unaware of the carnage about to ensue!
Me and the Mr post run selfie
With my mooma
Managed to cover Lee in Paint!
Nephews looking at me wondering why I’m a funny colour. Zachary (on the left) said ‘Tasha you have paint all over you!’
Showing off my medal (yes I was excited I got one too!)
Still going! Bingo wings in full flap!
2nd lap I think, starting to flag now.
Nearly finished! Look at that determination!
The relief of completing was immense!
Trying to get my breath back and realising I had paint all over my teeth.
Attempting a photo with my nephews but they’re clearly not interested!
Absolutely covered in paint, but it was definitely worth it!


I can’t tell you how it felt finishing.With my family there to support me,I felt like I’d achieved something massive.I don’t care if it was only a 5k that some people may do on a regular basis; to me it felt like I had conquered something. Don’t ever let anyone belittle your achievements,no matter how big or small.

I felt on top of the world that day and am already planning on doing next years race!

After a busy week and a few very light gym sessions to help my muscles recover,I got on the scales this morning and this beautiful little picture greeted me:


I have done it. I have finally lost 7 STONE!!!!!!! That’s basically a small person!! I can’t believe it;this has taken me so long to get to. This week I have lost 2lb (I thought it would’ve been more with the run but it’s still a loss); I can’t begin to tell you all how much it means to me. I also checked my weight into my ‘Monitor your Weight’ app on my tablet and have dropped down into obese class 1 from class 2.



I know I’m still FAT but I’m less fat and less at risk of heart disease now I hope.

It’s been a crazy week for me and I am still trying to take it all in. Lee even said how proud of me he was and that I had inspired him to finally get on the healthy eating bandwagon,so he’s trying now too. I think his words were, ‘Tasha what you’ve done today is amazing’. My head is swelling as I write this :D.

I feel like crying re-living everything that I’ve worked so hard for. I know I sound big-headed but I am so damn proud of myself for still sticking it out to get healthy.

It Is the most rewarding experience I have ever had and long may it continue.

Love you guys and sorry for the massively long post! Well done for getting to the end!

Until next week,see ya later lovelies!



Weigh Day Wednesday: 8/4/15-Kick up the bum

Hi guys!

This week’s weigh in went how I expected it to go…


I put on 1.5 lb’s and up until yesterday, I was really annoyed with myself. Then I realised that being annoyed won’t get me anywhere, so I started reading and researching motivation and weight loss tips and ideas and also looking at old pictures of me when I was nearly 22 stone. Sometimes it’s important to remind yourself why you started and really think hard about how bloody difficult it was lugging around all that extra weight. When you were almost crying after a gym workout because you felt like you would have a heart attack and being strict with your food intake. That’s what I haven’t been doing.

I’ve been kidding myself that I’m working hard when really I’ve just been going through the motions and doing the bare minimum to try and not put the weight back on.

So now, after some stern words with myself, I am going to go hell for leather with both the exercise and even more importantly, the food intake. I am going to keep an eye on hidden calories in sauces, seasonings and other foods and make sure that next week is an excellent weight loss (or at least sets me back on track).

This book I started reading has been reminding me of my relationship with food and why it is so unhealthy.

Fab book by the way!

Well not anymore! Food will be enjoyed but in portion controlled amounts and the snacking will be cut down and biscuits replaced with healthier alternatives. I stick by my rule of not denying myself everything because I know this never works and I would fall off the wagon. I will still enjoy my snacks, but have less of them.

Think it’s fair to say that Fat; I’M COMING TO GET YOU!