9 Stone lighter; what a difference!

Why hello my little squishy pets of loveliness! (Sorry, trying something new)

As it’s Wednesday, I would ordinarily be going to Slimming World; however, if you read my post on Monday, you’ll know that I’m taking a break.

So, instead of sitting in image therapy for an hour, I thought I would do my own little Tasha therapy here.

Here are my Top 10 things I love doing now I’m 9 stone lighter

  • Being able to shop anywhere and buy something in my size
  • Wearing some of my old size 24 clothes and loving the snugglyness
  • The ability to walk uphill at a moderate pace without breaking a sweat
  • Learning to cook new meals and choosing new ingredients to spice them up!
  • No longer having ‘aggressive boobs’ as my step daughter puts it
  • Able to sleep on my back without feeling claustrophobic
  • I can actually plank for 1 minute 30 seconds now..WTF!
  • Feeling like a normal person who isn’t being stared at everywhere she goes
  • Being able to wear fitting clothes and not hide my figure

All of these combined make me feel like a new person; I love being able to walk down my local high street and not feel the dread that I used to feel wondering what people thought as I walked past. The constant pulling down of my top and pulling up of my jeans to make sure my belly wasn’t hanging out. Never having to worry about getting left behind whilst out walking with a friend or sibling, now I’m in front! Being able to shop anywhere I like and able to buy anything off the peg, even Topshop (their clothes are horribly expensive and I will never purchase from them at those prices however!).

I finally feel normal, whatever that’s supposed to be. I only ever wanted to look like everyone else, and, I know that’s the wrong way of putting it because I embrace individuality as much as the next person. But I felt like I stuck out and was an eyesore; I felt apologetic for looking the way I did and no one should ever feel that way.

I am learning to love myself and everything that I have in the present time, rather than thinking, ‘I’ll be happy when…’. It doesn’t work that way, we have to take the good with the bad and appreciate what we have already, not what we hope to have in the future.

So, in my current state, I love my waist, my eyes, my smile and I love my ever growing confidence that I can wear what I want and not feel silly.

What do you appreciate about yourself right now?



Weigh Day Wednesday (First After Holibobs!) 7/10/15

Good Morning lovelies!

This is my first proper weigh in after being on holibobs to Egypt, which may I add was FANTASTIC! So much so that I didn’t want to come back to work. The weather, food and atmosphere was great and  I would love to go back!

Anyway, this morning I got weighed and came in at 14 stone 1 lb. I got weighed on Saturday morning after I got back from Egypt on Thursday and weighed 13 st 12 3/4 lb so not sure whats happened there! I properly started back on the healthy band wagon on Monday as I was determined to eat the stuff  I had missed while being on holiday,like Doritos and chocolate! (I know bad Tasha!)

I thought I would keep Wednesday as my weigh in day as that seemed the easiest thing to do but really I could have changed it to a Monday; it doesn’t really matter as I am going to try to not focus on it so much now.

I will have my measurements taken (I know I keep saying this but I will do it!) to have a better idea of how my body is changing. I really want to focus on tightening my skin up to pull my body in a bit as my arms are still quite loose. However, having said this, I must admit that I am really happy with my body at the moment. Being a size 16 suits me! 😉

I’m not saying I’m going easier on myself but I definitely feel less pressured to get the rest of the weight off in a rush. I’m not rushing, there’s no point because this is my life.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about lifestyle changes and how to eat well while still staying healthy. It’s all about choosing foods that make you smile and that aren’t processed so you get the most nutrients out of them.

I realise how preachy I sound but I genuinely don’t mean to come across that way; I guess I’m just thinking out loud about my current situation with my body.

I want to love my body more in its current state and treat it like a princess. I want to wear clothes that maybe my body shape shouldn’t suit but wear them anyway. I want to promote loving your body no matter what shape it is and it’s just a shame that its only now that I feel happy with the way I look. I know its shallow but we all have our own opinions about our best self and for me, this is the happiest and most confident I have been my entire life. I played volleyball voluntarily whilst on holiday in 38ºC heat for gods sake and I would have NEVER done that before my weight loss (mainly because I would have passed out).

I was unhappy at 22 stone so decided to do something about it for me. Now at 14 stone and still classed as obese, I love how curvy I am now and want to flaunt it because I’ve worked hard for it! I am still eating as healthy as I can and exercising regularly, but the focus has shifted slightly to pull in my body, rather than what it says on the scales. I will still get weighed every week and post it here for you guys but will start posting more body pictures to show progress that way.

I’ve also decided to spend a bit of money on clothes now instead of going for the cheapest option because it wouldn’t fit me in a few months. Now my weight loss has slowed, I think it’s a good idea to buy some better quality stuff that will make me look nice rather than just as a temporary measure until I lose the next stone.

Here are a few of the outfits I am loving at the minute:

Today’s dress for work: Primark Black dress for £5, Primark leggings size 16, New Look Boots bought on sale for £5
Little Black dress with white and black mesh hem detailing, size 16 £16 from Discount clothing company
Whole outfit from Discount clothing company; peach top with black flowers and lime green jeans both in size 16 (Jeans definitely look better with a tan!)
Beautiful Paisley dress from Discount Clothing Company size 16, £14, Peach with black heel back shoes from Primark bought for £6, BARGAIN!
Black sheer shorts and jacket set from Primark (gifted by my sister) size 16, with white George Asda Vest size 14, £2.50
Black vest George Asda £2.50, Denim shorts in sale Primark £5, Black XL tights Primark £3 and Osiris skate shoes (think they were about £35 a looong time ago)
Very black flowery dress size 14 (bit tight) £20, this dress has a gorgeous crossover back too! It’s on sale for £6 now so grab one now,image is linked. 🙂
Cannot remember the brand of this dress but I bought it from the Cleopatra shop on the lanes at Sheffield Meadowhall for £35 in a Large. This is my Whitby dress so more on that later!

Sorry for the long post guys but I had a lot I wanted to say! So this next week I plan on continuing with the healthy eating and exercising and promise that next week I will have my measurements to hand for you to start measuring my progress that way. I’m off to look at my new pretty clothes and hope the weather clears up so I can wear them!

Be Body Positive and love yourself more guys!