New Gym Equipment

I walked into my gym the other day after it had been refurbished and immediately got a sense of ‘I don’t belong here anymore’. Why is that?

I pay my £38 a month just like everyone else and yet in my brain, because everything was new and shiny, it instantly made me feel like I should walk out and go elsewhere.

They’ve got these new things called plyosoft boxes and sandbells and all this new stuff that I’ve only ever seen in Instagram videos that only the top buff fitness gurus know how to use.

Now my predicament is, I’d love to give this stuff a go but I have a fear of feeling stupid in case someone tells me I’m doing it wrong.

Now you’re probably thinking, after all this time, I should have conditioned myself not to give a shit what people think and give myself credit that I’m a fast learner.

Well everyone has those demons in their mind that makes them second guess what they should be doing and how they should be doing it.

And I guess I’m not different.

I’m going to task myself to ask a staff member to show me how to use some of the new equipment because;

A. I don’t want to hurt myself

B. I want to learn new fitness routines

Wish me luck lovelies and however you’re keeping fit, make sure you’re enjoying it!

SIMW (Slimming It My Way, for my new followers)

Gym no More?!

Good Morning everyone,

Hope you all had a fab weekend. I am doing a little post today as I found out about something that completely freaked me out on Sunday.

Let me give you the back story. I’ve been attending a small gym at my local school since about March 2014. In that time, I have lost the majority of my 7 stone weight loss. The instructor there has seen me from 20 odd stone and has helped me get down to just under 15.

Now I know it’s just a gym and there are loads of others I could go to. The one difference though, is that it’s MY gym. It’s where I began my serious journey of weight loss and healthy living. It’s where I challenge myself every day to push further and harder to break my records of exercise. It’s where I have made friends with the regulars and am now seen as a regular gym goer myself. I NEVER thought I would say that.

This gym has been the one constant reminder that I can do it. When gym buddies have come and gone and I have been there on my own sweating away the stress of my day, that gym has been there. Never judging me, always welcoming whatever efforts I put in, it is almost a part of me now.

A few weeks ago, Danny (the main instructor) said that from September, the school was looking at closing the gym permanently on a weekend and closing at 8pm on a weeknight. It’s currently open from 5pm until 10pm through the week and from 9am until 1pm on a weekend. Then more recently, I heard that from September the gym was shutting completely. This Sunday, I found out that MY gym is closing for good from July. That’s just over a month away. I felt sick when I found out; mainly because I didn’t know how I would fare on my weight loss journey without it. My partner said, ‘ah well, you can join the DW gym’. The facilities are better there but it’s full of people who are already super fit and healthy and I know I would feel inadequate if I were to walk in there, almost like I didn’t deserve to be there with all these super gorgeous fitness fanatics, while I throw my wobblyness around trying my hardest to get fitter.

I know I could join DW, but I don’t want to. I want my little gym with its quirks and familiar faces. I want to keep Danny in a job because he has really truly helped me and my mum do things we never thought possible. I do burpees now for god’s sake! So today I am going to be writing to my local MP and may start a petition to keep MY gym open. It has changed my life and countless others and I will not stand by and just watch it close if there is something I can do to fight its corner.

Any suggestions are welcome as to what us gym goers can do to try to keep our beloved gym open. We need it. I need it. I won’t watch it just close because the government wants to save money.

If they advertised the gym, then it would be a different story but they never gave it a chance.

Help me keep Holy Trinity gym open!