I have news…It’s pretty big, but I can’t tell you yet because I have to wait…

Don’t ya just hate it when someone does this?

Me to but it’s my news and I have to keep it a secret for just a little bit longer.

I haven’t even told my family. The only two people who know are my best friend Charley and my other half Lee…well Lee accidentally told his mum because he didn’t realise he needed to keep it a secret but that’s ok.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to tell you this week because I’ve had to keep quiet about this for almost 6 weeks and I am NOT GOOD at keeping secrets.

OOOOOO the suspense is killing me!

For now I’ll leave you with a happy Wednesday picture of me with one of my many cuppas and a brand new red blouse with foofy sleeves (completely LOVE by the way)

Hope you’re all doing well lovelies, off for a swim later and hope you’re smashing your targets whatever they may be.

Ooo before I go, I found these the other day while looking for some paperwork and was absolutely gobsmacked…

I can’t even remember being that big and could not believe what I was seeing. There is a lot of sadness in those eyes and I know more than anyone how hard it is on this journey.

For anyone who’s joined my journey of late, it never gets any easier, I don’t care what anyone says. There is ALWAYS that mental battle going on with food, but it’s about how we respond to it and how we build on it.

Remember, I’m always here if you are struggling or need that extra bit of support. I would appreciate the support too because a lot of people think that it’s just easy for me now I’ve done the hard work. But they don’t see the sweat pouring out of me at the gym, or the amount of times I tell myself no to thoughts of bingeing on crap.

They just see a slimmed down version of Tasha who seems to be flying through this healthy journey.

But it never ends, the journey is always continuing on.




9 Stone lighter; what a difference!

Why hello my little squishy pets of loveliness! (Sorry, trying something new)

As it’s Wednesday, I would ordinarily be going to Slimming World; however, if you read my post on Monday, you’ll know that I’m taking a break.

So, instead of sitting in image therapy for an hour, I thought I would do my own little Tasha therapy here.

Here are my Top 10 things I love doing now I’m 9 stone lighter

  • Being able to shop anywhere and buy something in my size
  • Wearing some of my old size 24 clothes and loving the snugglyness
  • The ability to walk uphill at a moderate pace without breaking a sweat
  • Learning to cook new meals and choosing new ingredients to spice them up!
  • No longer having ‘aggressive boobs’ as my step daughter puts it
  • Able to sleep on my back without feeling claustrophobic
  • I can actually plank for 1 minute 30 seconds now..WTF!
  • Feeling like a normal person who isn’t being stared at everywhere she goes
  • Being able to wear fitting clothes and not hide my figure

All of these combined make me feel like a new person; I love being able to walk down my local high street and not feel the dread that I used to feel wondering what people thought as I walked past. The constant pulling down of my top and pulling up of my jeans to make sure my belly wasn’t hanging out. Never having to worry about getting left behind whilst out walking with a friend or sibling, now I’m in front! Being able to shop anywhere I like and able to buy anything off the peg, even Topshop (their clothes are horribly expensive and I will never purchase from them at those prices however!).

I finally feel normal, whatever that’s supposed to be. I only ever wanted to look like everyone else, and, I know that’s the wrong way of putting it because I embrace individuality as much as the next person. But I felt like I stuck out and was an eyesore; I felt apologetic for looking the way I did and no one should ever feel that way.

I am learning to love myself and everything that I have in the present time, rather than thinking, ‘I’ll be happy when…’. It doesn’t work that way, we have to take the good with the bad and appreciate what we have already, not what we hope to have in the future.

So, in my current state, I love my waist, my eyes, my smile and I love my ever growing confidence that I can wear what I want and not feel silly.

What do you appreciate about yourself right now?



Monday Motivation

Good Morning Lovelies!

How are you doing this Monday morning?

I woke up in a miserable mood because I knew that most people I know are on holiday this week (lucky  buggers) as they work at schools, so I felt hard done by having to get up from my comfy bed!

Yesterday, my mum gave me the most recent Slimming World mag to have a read of, so I spent my bus journey this morning flicking through it’s pages of wisdom to help inspire me. At first, I was reading thinking, ‘I know this, I’ve done it, I’ve lost the weight’, but then I read more and couldn’t help but get inspired by some of the stories and recipes that were in there.

It’s easy to feel like you’ve written the book on weight loss sometimes (though I never claim this) and that you already know everything about how to stay healthy and keep the weight off. However, sometimes it takes looking at someone else’s story to remind you that there’s always something to learn (and to give you that kick up the bum you need).

I’m pretty sure, after speaking to family members and reading more into it, that I will be joining Slimming World this coming Wednesday and going to my mum’s group in Cudworth. That’s not saying I’ve failed at my mission. My mission was always to get healthier which, in turn, would make me happier and that still stands. I’m just admitting that I need some extra support and to be honest I’m fed up of circling around just under the 14 stone mark. I still feel like I could be healthier and stronger and yet I am being too lazy (compared to what I am capable of) and have gotten complacent.

So after my initial grump this morning, my miserable mood has been transformed into one of renewed motivation to have a good week for healthy eating and snacking on the healthier options. After reading some of the recipes and tips from the Slimming World magazine, I have found so many new snacks/meals I can make that I have all the ingredients for in my cupboard! A particular one I want to try is the Rise ‘n’ shine jackets for breakfast on page 41 of the mag because they sound so tasty and are an alternative breakfast option.

I’ll let you know if I definitely take the plunge and go to group on Wednesday; but until then, I am going to write down what I eat and at what time to see if I can curb my cravings for shoving everything edible in my mouth!

Have a fab day lovelies and remember, Monday’s aren’t always miserable; they can be a great starting point to try something new and begin your journey to a healthier you (god that sounds so cheesy…sorry!)




Should I Join Slimming World?

Hi Lovelies!

Hope you’re all keeping well! Sorry if it seems like I’m posting less often on here but it’s just because not very much is going on at the minute to be honest.

I want your advice on something. I have been stuck around just under the 14 stone mark for a while and haven’t been trying as hard as I used to at the gym ( though I am still going and exercising) and kinda feel a bit flat with the whole eating healthy thing.

Is it worth joining Slimming World? I don’t hate slimming groups as I feel they are a useful tool for the support they provide, but I haven’t felt like I have needed them until now. I used to go when I was a teenager and did well but didn’t stick at it whereas now I feel like I would. The problem is its around £5 a week for each class; I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but its an extra £20 a month that I would have to spend and I’m already paying £38 a month for my gym membership.

I just feel like I need some sort of boost to get me back on track as I feel like I’m doing quite well during the week and then I get home and snack on stuff while I’m making dinner. So when it gets to eating my main meal, it’s like I’ve had half a meal already. The foods I am snacking on are pretty healthy but that’s not the point. I don’t need them and yet I’m still eating them.

I think I need a bit of group support but then I don’t know if I can justify the expense as I’ve lost so much weight already without the need for a group. Dya know what I mean?

I don’t want to join and fill up my already busy week if it’s not going to benefit me. I don’t know what to do!

I’ve lost over 8 stone so far but would ideally like to get to a healthier 12 stone as I know I am still carrying fat around my stomach. Help & advice are needed!

On another note, I’m off for a swim today as it’s an exercise I enjoy so am trying to do more of it and not just sweat it out at the gym all the time. What do you guys think about joining Slimming World? Have any of you lost lots of weight and then decided to join a group to help with that bit of support? I want to know what you guys have done.

Enjoy the rest of your day lovelies!



Underestimating Myself

I was talking to my colleague the other day about where I felt my life was going just in general office chat and I was talking about feeling a bit down for several reasons.

Then the topic got onto how I look and my colleague said something to the effect of;

‘Tash,I don’t think you realise just how stunning you are.I bet you have turned heads and not known.’

I guess because of how big I was,I still see that person staring back at me and it’s only when I look at old photos that I realise just how much I have changed physically.

I know I’m pretty (sorry if that sounds big-headed) but not in the conventional sense.I would never say I look stunning but maybe I should start appreciating myself more.I know I talk about loving your body but it’s easy to lose site of that sometimes.You just end up going through the motions and never fully,truly appreciating what you have.

I also made a decision yesterday to finally start going after the things I want in life and not let what other people think dictate my decision.

I’m only 26 years old and I act at times like I have no life; I just go through the motions in a monotonous routine. That needs to change and I need to do more of what makes me happy.

So I am going to focus on passing my driving test (I passed my theory by the way,forgot to tell you!); that way I can do more things for myself and not have to rely on others.

If I want to go for a coffee with my mum,I can just drive there. Whereas at the minute I can’t really do anything because public transport is so bad.

I am also going to stop spending the little money I have on frivolous things and actually spend it on days out to get the most out of my month. I want to look back on a month and think, ‘Yeah I enjoyed that.’ instead of, ‘well what do I have to show for it?’ I got a bit obsessed with having stuff like makeup and clothes instead of organising days out and utilising my wage a bit better to do things with the important people in my life.

Anyway, I hope your Monday goes well today lovelies and you don’t get bogged down with work/life crap. Take each day as it comes and go after what you want.

We only get one life, so may as well live it!