Monday Motivation

Good Morning Lovelies!

How are you doing this Monday morning?

I woke up in a miserable mood because I knew that most people I know are on holiday this week (lucky  buggers) as they work at schools, so I felt hard done by having to get up from my comfy bed!

Yesterday, my mum gave me the most recent Slimming World mag to have a read of, so I spent my bus journey this morning flicking through it’s pages of wisdom to help inspire me. At first, I was reading thinking, ‘I know this, I’ve done it, I’ve lost the weight’, but then I read more and couldn’t help but get inspired by some of the stories and recipes that were in there.

It’s easy to feel like you’ve written the book on weight loss sometimes (though I never claim this) and that you already know everything about how to stay healthy and keep the weight off. However, sometimes it takes looking at someone else’s story to remind you that there’s always something to learn (and to give you that kick up the bum you need).

I’m pretty sure, after speaking to family members and reading more into it, that I will be joining Slimming World this coming Wednesday and going to my mum’s group in Cudworth. That’s not saying I’ve failed at my mission. My mission was always to get healthier which, in turn, would make me happier and that still stands. I’m just admitting that I need some extra support and to be honest I’m fed up of circling around just under the 14 stone mark. I still feel like I could be healthier and stronger and yet I am being too lazy (compared to what I am capable of) and have gotten complacent.

So after my initial grump this morning, my miserable mood has been transformed into one of renewed motivation to have a good week for healthy eating and snacking on the healthier options. After reading some of the recipes and tips from the Slimming World magazine, I have found so many new snacks/meals I can make that I have all the ingredients for in my cupboard! A particular one I want to try is the Rise ‘n’ shine jackets for breakfast on page 41 of the mag because they sound so tasty and are an alternative breakfast option.

I’ll let you know if I definitely take the plunge and go to group on Wednesday; but until then, I am going to write down what I eat and at what time to see if I can curb my cravings for shoving everything edible in my mouth!

Have a fab day lovelies and remember, Monday’s aren’t always miserable; they can be a great starting point to try something new and begin your journey to a healthier you (god that sounds so cheesy…sorry!)




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