Weigh Day Wednesday 2/9/15 (update)

Hi guys!

Firstly apologies on the quietness of my blog.I have still been updating my social media so make sure you follow me there for the most up to date weight loss info and every day stuff like what I’m having for lunch lol.

Last week I lost 3/4 of a lb and this week I have maintained so I am writing it all down for a week to see how I go.

I currently weigh…

The reason I have been slightly out of action is because I’ve been busy getting excited for my holiday in a few weeks (going to Sharm El Sheikh) and also getting serious with my driving lessons as I’m not far away from passing now.

Its all happening in Slimming It My Way world haha.

I have really slowed down with my weight loss now and am wishing I had taken my measurements regularly so I had something else to use as a progress marker.Not to worry though! One thing that does keep freaking me out is that I keep coming across body parts that seem unnatural (because I’ve never felt them before).

Today I found I had a weird bone/muscle (I really can’t tell) on either side of my stomach.Its not my hips as its too high but I have no idea what it is!Might have to ask Lee to prod and tell me whether it’s normal:I think it’s muscle but am not sure!

I am now a 14/16 and think I can safely say I am no longer an 18 (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m pretty happy with my size now although I’m still classed as plus sized.I’m not sure I’ll get much smaller than I am now just because I love my food too much!I am learning to accept my body and feel more comfortable now than I ever have.For the first time yesterday I tried on a colleague’s clothes (possibly to borrow for my holiday as I don’t have much) and they fit!Lee reminded me that I have never been able to borrow other people’s clothes before as I was always big.The feeling of being able to fit into a similar size to a colleague is a big thing for me because it’s a marker to set myself up against.I don’t mean comparing myself in a bad way but seeing how my body looks at the side of a slim build person.

I also bought a load of clothes for my holiday both from Matalan and from a local outlet called discount clothing company.Heres a peak!

I nearly didn’t post the last picture because there’s just so much on show in a bikini.But then I realised that I am the only person stopping me from being body confident so I thought sod it!

I deserve to feel body confident and this is the first time I have felt comfortable enough to wear a bikini and even more so to post a picture of it up in the Internet.

So that’s a little update for you all.Sorry I have been quiet but I promise I am still plodding away at this healthy business.My mum said that I was obsessed with exercise the other day which made me stop and think at first,but then I realised that it’s just a part of my routine now.Its just something I do like eat my breakfast,so that can only be a good thing right? I hope I’m not obsessed!

Anyway weight loss warriors from a smiley Tasha.. 

Enjoy the rest of your week and have a lovely weekend! ( pic taken last weekend,finally appreciating my figure) 🙂



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