Weigh Day Wednesday 19/8/15

Hi There lovelies,

This past week has been a pretty good one in terms of exercise. I’m really getting into the new gym routine now and am figuring out my limits and resistance levels on the different cardio machines.  I am sweating a ton though when I’m at the gym and my other half suggested I am pushing it a bit too hard..ah well.

I was good with my food too apart from Saturday where I ended up having 6 slices of white bread in one day! This was just due to laziness and nothing else.

I had a drink on Friday and Saturday so still enjoyed myself. On Saturday I wore my new Boohoo bargain dress (£5) out to a family do.I posted a picture that Lee took up on my social media and had a crazy positive reaction that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Here is the picture:


So many people commented and their lovely comments really boosted my confidence. I know its vain but stuff like this really spurs me on to keep going, even on those days where I feel shit and fat.

I will post no makeup photos and pics where my clothes don’t exactly flatter me…

…to show my attempts to slim into a smaller size, stretch marks on show and all. Its that accountability thing all over again. If I post it then you see it and see that I don’t just post the pretty pictures but the flabby ones too!:)

Anyway back to my weigh in this morning. I tried not to get my hopes up because it was potentially a massive weight loss milestone but I didn’t want to be gutted if I hadn’t achieved that. So much seemed to be weighing on today’s weigh in (pun not intended). I got on the scales and…


Sorry about that, minor outburst there… but YAY!

Here’s hoping I can get another half a stone off before I go away in September so I can feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini. :D.

Speak soon lovelies!



3 thoughts on “Weigh Day Wednesday 19/8/15

  1. If it helps about the whole sweating thing, a PT at my gym said it’s really amazing to be able to work up a serious sweat, because you feel like it’s really working, but it’s not always an indication of pushing yourself too hard, or your level of fitness. She’s a PT who went from 13 stone to 9 stone, and would now be considered “fit”, and she sweats buckets during class and goes red lol she said your recovery time is your measure of fitness, how quick your breathing goes back to normal. Whereas, some people just sweat easier than others/change colour etc., so listen to yourself – sore muscles, shaky knees etc. lol you’ll know how hard you’re pushing yourself, sweat or not! R x

  2. aww thanks hun I’m glad you’ve said that. I do seem to sweat really easily and if my muscles start to hurt I slow down. My sister came with me the other day and her face was red but she hadn’t sweat a lot. So I thought I was going too hard haha. Will keep it up.

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