Weigh Day Wednesday 19/8/15

Hi There lovelies,

This past week has been a pretty good one in terms of exercise. I’m really getting into the new gym routine now and am figuring out my limits and resistance levels on the different cardio machines.  I am sweating a ton though when I’m at the gym and my other half suggested I am pushing it a bit too hard..ah well.

I was good with my food too apart from Saturday where I ended up having 6 slices of white bread in one day! This was just due to laziness and nothing else.

I had a drink on Friday and Saturday so still enjoyed myself. On Saturday I wore my new Boohoo bargain dress (£5) out to a family do.I posted a picture that Lee took up on my social media and had a crazy positive reaction that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Here is the picture:


So many people commented and their lovely comments really boosted my confidence. I know its vain but stuff like this really spurs me on to keep going, even on those days where I feel shit and fat.

I will post no makeup photos and pics where my clothes don’t exactly flatter me…

…to show my attempts to slim into a smaller size, stretch marks on show and all. Its that accountability thing all over again. If I post it then you see it and see that I don’t just post the pretty pictures but the flabby ones too!:)

Anyway back to my weigh in this morning. I tried not to get my hopes up because it was potentially a massive weight loss milestone but I didn’t want to be gutted if I hadn’t achieved that. So much seemed to be weighing on today’s weigh in (pun not intended). I got on the scales and…


Sorry about that, minor outburst there… but YAY!

Here’s hoping I can get another half a stone off before I go away in September so I can feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini. :D.

Speak soon lovelies!



Spin Class!

Today I tried a new exercise…spinning.

I have heard stories about this before and how great it is for weight loss but also how difficult it is.

It’s basically cycling on a stationary bike to music whilst a super fit person at the front shouts at you (ok, gives orders of what to do next!)

To be completely honest I got a huge sweat on while doing it but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was gonna be.I took it easier than I would have at the advice of a woman and my sister next to me. So, for fear of hurting myself,I listened to them.

I enjoyed it but feel I could’ve pushed myself a bit harder but glad I didn’t for a first try.

The beauty of this though is that you feel AMAZING after.There is such a great atmosphere in the class because you’re all sweating together and the trainer really gets you going and encourages you to up your intensity.

I enjoyed it that much that I will be booking on one for next week!

If you’re considering a new exercise,I’d say go for it!It can boost weight loss and boost your mood too and it’s always good to refresh your exercise routine if you feel you’re not getting the same results you did when you first started.

We can get stuck in a rut with our exercise regime so it’s always good to change it up.

Book a spin class or kettle bells,try water aerobics or just try something new that you haven’t done before. I guarantee you will enjoy it,and if you don’t then try something else! 😉


Weigh Day Wednesday 12/8/15

Hi Lovelies, Just a quick post today as not much to report.

This week I have maintained and didn’t get the 2 lb loss for 8 stone total loss that I so wanted. I have been pretty good but then I think I had a big loss last week so maybe this week is just my body balancing itself out.

I am getting used to my new gym but still need to build a routine so I can get comfortable with it. Yesterday I did some work on the treadmill, cross trainer, rowing machine and then did some stomach exercises with a medicine ball.

It’s weird getting used to a whole set of new equipment that works and feels so different form everything I have used previously. I’m hoping this is a good thing though and will help boost my fitness levels in the long-term.

There is inspiration walking round all over in my gym in the form of super fit people with toned arms and muscly abs and I wanted to utilise this inspo to achieve my potential.

Today is a swimming day (I’m going to try to have a swimming day every Wednesday) and I am really looking forward to a nice swim, a dip in the jacuzzi and also the healthy glow you get after being in said jacuzzi.

Fingers crossed for a week of healthy choices and trying out more exercises at the gym. Oo I even did a spin class on Friday and it was super sweaty but super awesome-more on that in a separate post!

Overall, I am happy with my progress and hope that next week I get the loss I really want so I am able to say I have lost the equivalent of a small person haha.

Anyway before I go and seen as its mid-week, I thought I would share some recent pics alongside a picture of me at my biggest. It’s just so you can all have a nosey really haha but also to remind me of my progress from the very beginning.

Old holiday photo from a few years ago;not far from my biggest.Look how big my arms are!
Dressed as Luigi for a friend’s hen do:lost about 4.5 stone here
New dress bought from Boohoo.com in a size 14! 😀
Was about 21 stone here out for a works do.
Recent Friday work attire on a sunny day; posing like a ballerina for ya :p
On holiday last year:4.5 stone lost.
More recent work attire :p
Another holiday pic from a few years ago;smiling on the outside but unhappy inside 🙁
From The Rainbow Run earlier this year; had lost about 6.5 stone.


My most recent pic posing in the new gym ready for action!


Remember, Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re probably right.




Weigh Day Wednesday 5/8/15

You know when you have one of those weeks where you feel uninspired,not much happens and you feel a bit meh?

Last week was like that for me.I maintained,work was busy and it was just a bit of a non-week if you know what I mean.

So super sorry for not posting my progress last week guys.

Onto this week (which has been much better),I joined the new gym and had my induction.Its fab! The classes,gym and swimming are all included in the price and there’s a jacuzzi and sauna to go in too!

I made sure I kept an eye on my snacking this week because I was eating too many biscuits and naughty goodness haha.

I went out with Lee on Friday for a birthday drink for him as his birthday was on Tuesday;got quite drunk actually! We came home and he suggested ordering a takeaway and I said, ‘no,let’s just have the leftover chicken that’s in the fridge with some salad’; (granted the chicken was leftover from a pretty healthy takeaway we had on Thursday but it had been baked in the oven not fried so it wasn’t too bad.) We shared that and it was satisfying so I was super happy about that.

I missed a gym day on Monday because I should’ve had a driving lesson, which had to be rearranged last minute so I ended up sat at home with itchy feet because I’m not used to free time anymore! I was in the kitchen pottering about and Lee asked if I was coming to sit down. I asked him why and he said ‘so I can see you and talk to you’. Bless Him! So I grabbed a drink and sat and chilled and it was actually really lovely.

However,because I missed that day,I felt I had to pound it at the gym super hard yesterday.I did 20 mins on the treadmill and burnt 200 calories on the bike,then my sister arrived and we went for a swim afterwards and treated ourselves to a jacuzzi to finish off.

I have to say when I look round the gym,it’s full of super fit,toned and healthy people all doing their thing.At first I felt like they were looking at me but as I looked round, I realised that I was the only one interested in what others were doing. So I dragged my attention back to Come Dine With Me whilst on the bike (oh did I forget to mention they have TV’s there that you can plug in and watch?!) and completed my workout.

That’s it for my week really.New gym is fab,I feel I am in control of what goes in my mouth again and something seems to have re-clicked in my brain to get fitter and healthier.

This morning, I got on the scales and my weight was…

 …that is a loss of 4lb and 3/4 from 14 stone 6.5 the previous week.

I am merely a few lb’s away from an 8 stone loss and it feels like it has taken FOREVER to get here.

 I attempted to take a picture of the weighing scales and my excitement but my face is covering the ’14’ part of the weight haha.Ah well double reflected excitement! (Nobody’s pretty in the morning!)
 I did another exciting face after I had put my makeup on to get it across better.;)

Today after work, I am going for a swim for an hour,going home and making a bolognese I think for tea. I will stick with watching my snacking and look forward to the spin class that I have booked in with my sister for on Friday…I must be mad!

Onwards and upwards for another fab week and look out for my review of the Slimming World Thai chicken burgers from the barbecue range!

Have a fab day weight loss warriors!