Forza Multivitamins: Review

Hi There lovelies,

I’ve been testing out a product the past few weeks so thought I would share my honest review with you. *I have not been paid to write this post, only sent a product to sample and honestly review*

Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent a product to sample and test out and provide an honest review of.

I have dabbled with vitamins in the past such as evening primrose oil capsules but have never really stayed the course so thought it was time to give it another go.

I tried out Forza Multivitamins for Dieters for 2 weeks to be able to give a decent review of their product.

At first glance, the packaging looks really eye-catching and it explains everything that is contained in the vitamins and also how to take. I think with the modern day diet, we seem to lack certain vitamins so its always good to top them up. With extra calcium too, it helps with your bones and teeth! Women tend to be low on iron as well so this is an added benefit of these capsules.

At first try, I found the capsules rather difficult to swallow as they are a lot bigger than other multivitamins I have tried.

I had 1 vitamin every day after breakfast for 2 weeks and felt a little better in myself if I’m being completely honest. I felt like I was getting everything that I might miss out on whilst on a healthy eating regime, like I was topping up on my awesome. 😉

At £7.49 a pack, these are quite expensive but you do get a lot for your money and you even get a little booklet with really helpful weight loss and healthy living tips, along with recipes to try, so this was a big plus for me.

After 2 weeks trying out the product (missed a day or two), I would say I would probably like to test out the product for a little longer before reviewing it to see more benefits. Having said that, I feel that this is a welcome addition for anyone wanting to lose weight or make their diet healthier. It DOESN’T make you lose weight but acts as a booster for those nutrients you may miss out on when you change the way you eat for the better. I think I will continue to take multivitamins because we miss out on vitamins and minerals so its always good to top them up!

They obviously don’t give you super powers but you know you are adding good things to your system just by taking these. 😊

I give Forza Multivitamins a 7 out of 10 just because the capsules are mahoosive and difficult to swallow but they give you the nutrients you need as a woman trying to live healthier and be extra awesome!

If you have tried these before or any other multivitamins,comment your experiences below.Would be interesting to see how others have found them.



Weigh Day Wednesday 22/7/15

Hi there lovelies,hope you’re well.

This week has not been fantastic in terms of food yet again (god I feel like a broken record) because I have made 3 terrible meal choices.

Friday– I had Chinese because me and Lee were drinking.

Saturday– I went to a wedding do and me and Lee went for an Indian as a late anniversary ( I’m allowing this one).

Sunday– Had no breakfast and went for KFC at about 4pm.

None of this screams health nut!My problem is that I cave too easily when Lee suggests something or sometimes I push for a takeaway because I can’t be bothered.In the beginning I had loads of motivation but it seems to have subsided and I hate that.

Nobody’s perfect,I get that…but I’ve come this far,so why am I sabotaging myself?!

This week I knew I had put on because I could feel it.I weighed in at:

  …so that’s a gain of 1.5 lb.

I’m fed up of the fluctuation now and I know my weakness is the weekend because I can’t be bothered to cook. I’m not blaming anyone but myself because I can always say no if Lee suggests a takeaway but that’s it now.I need some time away from takeaways because I always have great weeks at work then completely ruin it Friday through Sunday.

This Friday I’m going down south for a works office party.I can’t drink a lot anyway because I have to travel back on the Saturday and I think it will be a barbecue so I’ll be careful with the food.

I’m going back on Myfitnesspal until I’m back on track and then on the 1st August (or maybe a bit before) I’ll be joining the new gym so hopefully that will help.I’ll be back with my mum after a long while so let’s hope catching up with her will help spur me on with my eating choices.

I don’t want you guys to think I’m failing you but right now I’m struggling because I’m not preparing for the weekend.Thursday night I should prep a fakeaway so there is no temptation when I’ve had a drink because the last thing I want to do on a Friday is a lot of food prep!

Hoping for a better week next week and hoping I can get back on an even keel.I truly hope you guys are all making fab food choices and smashing  your weight loss goals.

Enjoy the rest of your week lovelies!



Weigh day Wednesday 15/7/15

Happy Wednesday lovelies! (I know it’s really Thursday but was Wednesday when I wrote this )

So today I got on the scales and weighed in at:

That’s a loss of 1 lb with only three days of exercise as I had a driving lesson on Thursday and it will be the same this week too. I am happy with the loss.

Going on from my last progress post,I went to TGI Fridays and it was a massive let down.The service was ridiculously slow and the portions were NOT big.I had half a rack of ribs with fries (didn’t get a pic as I was ravenous) and Lee had a pulled pork burger and fries. The food tasted lovely but there was not enough there for the £12 that mine cost.

Anyway, here are a few pics from the night…

Sweetheart cocktail- this was lush and at £5.75 was a bargain!
With the moomaa
Picture with C3PO naturally!
With Lee
and a pic with R2D2!

On another note, my gym is officially closing on July 31st, no two ways about it. I was gutted when I found out the meeting had been had and they basically gave Danny (gym instructor) no hope of running the gym self-employed. It feels like a chapter of my life has closed. It wasn’t the best gym but it was where all my hard work was done on the fitness front. I am sad to be leaving it. Here are a few pics of my time spent there (cue sad music)…

Day I found out It was shutting, not a soul in sight. 🙁
Taking advantage of the mirror 😀
Working hard on the leg press ouch!
Catching my expression after a workout…KNACKERED!
Bit blurry, but catching myself on the treadmill.
Getting rid of my bingo wings!

This is a new start for me now, as from the beginning of August I will be joining a large mainstream gym called DW Sports. It is more expensive but I’m hoping it will give me the kick up the bum I need. It has tons of machines to use, weights, a matted area for floor exercises, swimming pool, showers, place to eat… basically it has everything. So I am going to kick myself up the bum and go where my mum is. It’ll be so nice to go to the gym with someone again instead of being on my own. You can motivate yourself for so long but it gets hard.

Two of my sisters go there now too so it’ll be nice having the famalam back together again.

You never know, I may just get to 12 stone for Christmas!

Wish me Luck!

Sorry this has been  along post but a lot has happened!

Til next time weight loss warriors, keep plodding on!



My Top 10 Healthy Breakfasts

Good Morning lovelies!

With it being a Monday Morning, I thought this post would be perfect to get those motivational juices flowing and get you on the right track of healthy eating from the get-go!

This post does what it says on the tin and really needs no introduction, so without further delay, here are my top 10 Healthy breakfasts!

1.Porridge-I have Mornflake Oats 2 Go porridge in the individual sachets or pots because I can’t be bothered with measuring sometimes and they are quick and easy to grab, stick in your bag and make up when you get to work! This is perfect to keep you going until lunchtime and involves no preparation what-so-ever.

Image courtesy of Mornflake website

2. Breakfast Burritos– These are a must for those days when you are ravenous and fancy a full English but with less of the calories.These involve a bit of preparation (I make mine the night before) but you will be glad you did when you’re bleary eyed and need a tasty wake up call.


3. Slimming World Overnight Oats– I love these on a morning when I know I will be having a gym session later. The best bit about these is you can make them any way you like with any flavour yoghurt and any combination of fruit. Get creating!


4. Pancakes! These are super easy to make, don’t take a lot of prep and are massively satisfying. This recipe doesn’t use flour either and is super tasty with some natural yoghurt drizzled on top. These are best enjoyed on a weekend when freshly made. You can freeze them but fresh is better. 🙂


5. A proper (healthy) English breakfast- This had to be somewhere in the top 10. It involves most of the elements of an english breakfast but made healthy. Bacon, egg,mushrooms can all be fried in Frylight, you can swap beans for chopped tomatoes with salt and pepper and still enjoy your toast but instead of using butter, put all your breakfast on top of your toast so you have moisture from the toms and egg yolk. This breakfast is super satisfying and you could even had Quorn sausages or as close to 100% meat sausages as dammit and cook them in the oven. 😀 Slimming World do a version if you want to follow their recipe.

Variation of a healthy breakfast, high % meat sausages,small portion of beans and I cut the fat off the bacon when eating!

6. Poached eggs on Toast- This is a nice light breakfast that, with the protein from the eggs, will keep you fuller for longer and less likely to snack. If you’re CRAP at poaching eggs like me, you can buy a poaching pan with 4 ready-made holes in to do all the hard work for you. Have 2 large poached eggs on 2 wholemeal toast and throw in some Frylight cooked mushrooms if you’re feeling extra hungry!

I didn’t have a picture of poached eggs on toast alone so took a close up of a poached egg that I had with breakfast a few weeks ago. 🙂

7. Omelette/Frittata-sticking with the egg theme as I find it fills me up. This a great breakfast. You can add mushrooms, peppers, onions, chicken and tomatoes to egg mixture and make a super filling summery frittata!My recipe is here and the best bit about it is, you can have it at any time of day for any meal! Note: a sprinkling of cheese makes it that little bit more indulgent!

FullSizeRender (1)

8.Cereal-No this is not a cop-out! There are a lot of healthy cereals out there. Some of my favourites are Fruit and Fibre, Cheerios, Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, the aforementioned Oats 2 Go and Granola (in small quantities). These vary on calories but I tend to have around 50 grams instead of the suggested 30-35g because I am a growing woman who needs her nutrition! 😉 Have your cereal with semi-skimmed or skimmed milk and if you’re feeling fruity, chop a banana on top and mix it in!

Porridge with sliced bananas


Fruit & Fibre with semi-skimmed milk




















9. Fruit with yoghurt-I LOVE THIS now it’s summer time as it really sets you up for the day. You can vary apples with grapes, strawberries with nectarines and bananas with oranges. There really is no limit to this as the combinations are endless. Then top with natural yoghurt (I sweeten mine with Stevia) and add a drizzle of honey or throw on some walnuts for good measure! This is one of my favourite healthy breakfasts as it fills you until lunch and you get some of your 5 a day! The photo below actually uses Mullerlight strawberry yoghurt with sliced banana and raspberries topped with fruity & nutty granola.The combinations are endless!


10. Slimming World doughnuts-I haven’t made these yet but they look simply gorgeous! I would imagine that this is something you would have if you’re gagging for something sweet and nothing else will do.I’ll give these a go and let you know how I get on.:)

I hope these breakfast ideas have shed some light and given you some thoughts as to how you can change-up the most important meal of the day.

If you have any other breakfast suggestions not mentioned here then drop a comment and share your favourites!

Think my current favourite still has to be the breakfast burritos but they are a tough one to beat!;)

That’s all for now lovelies!



Slimming World Barbecue Range: Thai Chicken Burgers Review!

Barbecue Range is here!

NB: This review is my own opinion and is not endorsed by Slimming World or Iceland.

The new Slimming World Barbecue range came out a few weeks ago but this past weekend was the first time I managed to get my hands on the goods! I only really wanted to try the Thai Chicken Burgers as I prefer to make my own beef burgers, although the Mediterranean Chicken sausages do look lush so these may be worth a try!

What they look like frozen.
Ya gotta pout!

The instructions stated to either grill or BBQ the burgers but I did mine in the oven on 180ºC (fan assisted) for about 25 minutes.

Straight out of the oven!

I tasted one straight out of the oven and they were gorgeous; really meaty as you can tell with the perfect spice mix. They’re not spicy at all, just flavourful (yes that is a word, I think).

With a huge pile of salad for my lunch at work!

I had two of the burgers with a load of salad for my lunch at work the next day so I reheated them to eat them warm. I have to say I ruined them when I reheated them in the microwave because they went really rubbery and were difficult to cut. The flavour was still there but they were hard to chew because I had blasted them in the microwave. So I would say if you make these in the oven like I did, eat them straight away or eat them cold if you’re having them the day after. I have eaten them since straight out of the oven and they really are lovely.

At only 136 Calories each, you can easily have two with salad like I have or have one on a bread cake and eat barbecue style ( as intended). You get 4 in a pack and they are really satisfying but at £3 they may be a bit too expensive for people to have all the time. They’re definitely worth it for a treat every now and again and take all the preparation out of hand making your own burgers.

I give these a 7 out of 10 because the flavour is there, just don’t reheat them!

If you’ve tried the other items in the new barbecue range, let me know what you think. I’m planning on trying the chicken sausages soon as they look super tasty!

If you want to try the range, you can find them here: 

That’s it for now lovelies, have a wonderful weekend!