Weigh Day Wednesday 13/5/15

Good Morning Weight Loss Warriors!

How are you all doing? Had a good week making good choices about food and exercise?


My week has been an eventful one as I have been trying to boost sponsorship for the rainbow run that I am taking part in this weekend. I have reached my target of £100 but still need sponsors so please please please donate if you can!

Ok enough of the begging. Due to my weight maintaining the previous week, I decided to write absolutely everything that passed my lips in myfitnesspal app.

Nothing was missed out,even if I grabbed a few crabsticks or nuts to nom on while making dinner.After almost a full week of noting it all down and a good week of exercise (went swimming on Friday for a change), this week I am proud to say I have lost….. 4lb’s!!!!!


I am so happy! I even had a drink this weekend and went out to see friends but told myself no takeaways or bad foods.Me and lee went for breakfast on Saturday and I had this:

It was all pretty healthy but also super filling and I really enjoyed it!

I think something clicked in my head this past week that meant I was able to really stick to it and stay focused.I feel how I did when I first started this weight loss journey. So now I have 1/2lb to lose for 7 stone;that means that this next week I will continue to write it all in my fitness pal app to see how many calories I’m eating.

Having to write it all in the app means that I am more aware of what I am putting into my body and therefore think twice before I eat it. I have started asking myself, ‘Do I really want this snack?’ And usually when I see how many calories are in it,I put it straight back down haha.

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for another weight loss next week because I want to say I have lost the weight equivalent of a small person.Thats about 7 stone eh? Maybe after the 5k run I will get my 7 stone!

Wish me luck guys and keep donating if you can by clicking the just giving icon on the right hand side of my blog.:)

Love you all so much and thanks for following me on this journey



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