Gym no More?!

Good Morning everyone,

Hope you all had a fab weekend. I am doing a little post today as I found out about something that completely freaked me out on Sunday.

Let me give you the back story. I’ve been attending a small gym at my local school since about March 2014. In that time, I have lost the majority of my 7 stone weight loss. The instructor there has seen me from 20 odd stone and has helped me get down to just under 15.

Now I know it’s just a gym and there are loads of others I could go to. The one difference though, is that it’s MY gym. It’s where I began my serious journey of weight loss and healthy living. It’s where I challenge myself every day to push further and harder to break my records of exercise. It’s where I have made friends with the regulars and am now seen as a regular gym goer myself. I NEVER thought I would say that.

This gym has been the one constant reminder that I can do it. When gym buddies have come and gone and I have been there on my own sweating away the stress of my day, that gym has been there. Never judging me, always welcoming whatever efforts I put in, it is almost a part of me now.

A few weeks ago, Danny (the main instructor) said that from September, the school was looking at closing the gym permanently on a weekend and closing at 8pm on a weeknight. It’s currently open from 5pm until 10pm through the week and from 9am until 1pm on a weekend. Then more recently, I heard that from September the gym was shutting completely. This Sunday, I found out that MY gym is closing for good from July. That’s just over a month away. I felt sick when I found out; mainly because I didn’t know how I would fare on my weight loss journey without it. My partner said, ‘ah well, you can join the DW gym’. The facilities are better there but it’s full of people who are already super fit and healthy and I know I would feel inadequate if I were to walk in there, almost like I didn’t deserve to be there with all these super gorgeous fitness fanatics, while I throw my wobblyness around trying my hardest to get fitter.

I know I could join DW, but I don’t want to. I want my little gym with its quirks and familiar faces. I want to keep Danny in a job because he has really truly helped me and my mum do things we never thought possible. I do burpees now for god’s sake! So today I am going to be writing to my local MP and may start a petition to keep MY gym open. It has changed my life and countless others and I will not stand by and just watch it close if there is something I can do to fight its corner.

Any suggestions are welcome as to what us gym goers can do to try to keep our beloved gym open. We need it. I need it. I won’t watch it just close because the government wants to save money.

If they advertised the gym, then it would be a different story but they never gave it a chance.

Help me keep Holy Trinity gym open!



Weigh Day Wednesday 20/5/15

Good Morning lovelies.

This post feels like a hugely important one for me.This past week has been one filled with new experiences.I was promoting my Just Giving page to raise money to support the Tiny Hearts Appeal for Barnsley Hospital and got masses of donations.In the end I raised around £235 which, considering my target was £100,was bloody fantastic!

I have never experienced that anticipation of a race before.The week of the race was spent training and I ran my first 5k in training on the Wednesday before the run on the treadmill in my gym.It took me 34 minutes and I felt exhausted,so naturally I was a bit concerned how I would fare outside with hills and concrete.

I needn’t have worried because this Sunday I completed my first 5k run and it felt amazing! I couldn’t run all the way but I didn’t too bad!I think my final time was roughly 40 minutes ish because I struggled with the hills and also was slowing down to get pelted with powder paint (which was awesome by the way!).

Here are a few pics of the run!

blissfully unaware of the carnage about to ensue!
Me and the Mr post run selfie
With my mooma
Managed to cover Lee in Paint!
Nephews looking at me wondering why I’m a funny colour. Zachary (on the left) said ‘Tasha you have paint all over you!’
Showing off my medal (yes I was excited I got one too!)
Still going! Bingo wings in full flap!
2nd lap I think, starting to flag now.
Nearly finished! Look at that determination!
The relief of completing was immense!
Trying to get my breath back and realising I had paint all over my teeth.
Attempting a photo with my nephews but they’re clearly not interested!
Absolutely covered in paint, but it was definitely worth it!


I can’t tell you how it felt finishing.With my family there to support me,I felt like I’d achieved something massive.I don’t care if it was only a 5k that some people may do on a regular basis; to me it felt like I had conquered something. Don’t ever let anyone belittle your achievements,no matter how big or small.

I felt on top of the world that day and am already planning on doing next years race!

After a busy week and a few very light gym sessions to help my muscles recover,I got on the scales this morning and this beautiful little picture greeted me:


I have done it. I have finally lost 7 STONE!!!!!!! That’s basically a small person!! I can’t believe it;this has taken me so long to get to. This week I have lost 2lb (I thought it would’ve been more with the run but it’s still a loss); I can’t begin to tell you all how much it means to me. I also checked my weight into my ‘Monitor your Weight’ app on my tablet and have dropped down into obese class 1 from class 2.



I know I’m still FAT but I’m less fat and less at risk of heart disease now I hope.

It’s been a crazy week for me and I am still trying to take it all in. Lee even said how proud of me he was and that I had inspired him to finally get on the healthy eating bandwagon,so he’s trying now too. I think his words were, ‘Tasha what you’ve done today is amazing’. My head is swelling as I write this :D.

I feel like crying re-living everything that I’ve worked so hard for. I know I sound big-headed but I am so damn proud of myself for still sticking it out to get healthy.

It Is the most rewarding experience I have ever had and long may it continue.

Love you guys and sorry for the massively long post! Well done for getting to the end!

Until next week,see ya later lovelies!



Weigh Day Wednesday 13/5/15

Good Morning Weight Loss Warriors!

How are you all doing? Had a good week making good choices about food and exercise?


My week has been an eventful one as I have been trying to boost sponsorship for the rainbow run that I am taking part in this weekend. I have reached my target of £100 but still need sponsors so please please please donate if you can!

Ok enough of the begging. Due to my weight maintaining the previous week, I decided to write absolutely everything that passed my lips in myfitnesspal app.

Nothing was missed out,even if I grabbed a few crabsticks or nuts to nom on while making dinner.After almost a full week of noting it all down and a good week of exercise (went swimming on Friday for a change), this week I am proud to say I have lost….. 4lb’s!!!!!


I am so happy! I even had a drink this weekend and went out to see friends but told myself no takeaways or bad foods.Me and lee went for breakfast on Saturday and I had this:

It was all pretty healthy but also super filling and I really enjoyed it!

I think something clicked in my head this past week that meant I was able to really stick to it and stay focused.I feel how I did when I first started this weight loss journey. So now I have 1/2lb to lose for 7 stone;that means that this next week I will continue to write it all in my fitness pal app to see how many calories I’m eating.

Having to write it all in the app means that I am more aware of what I am putting into my body and therefore think twice before I eat it. I have started asking myself, ‘Do I really want this snack?’ And usually when I see how many calories are in it,I put it straight back down haha.

I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for another weight loss next week because I want to say I have lost the weight equivalent of a small person.Thats about 7 stone eh? Maybe after the 5k run I will get my 7 stone!

Wish me luck guys and keep donating if you can by clicking the just giving icon on the right hand side of my blog.:)

Love you all so much and thanks for following me on this journey



Late Weigh Day Wednesday 7/5/15 and mini crisis

Hi Guys,

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I got weighed and had stayed the same; so I’m still 15 stone 4 and a quarter. I feel like I’m telling you the same sad story over and over again. I tell you all and myself that this week is going to be different and I’m going to do this, that and the other, when in reality, I don’t feel as motivated as I once did.

I’m definitely not happy with my body but can’t seem to push myself as far when it comes to food. The exercise aspect of things is really good, so I guess I have that. But no healthy lifestyle will work unless you have a healthy balance of both your nutrition and your exercise.

My nutrition is, for lack of a better word, crap right now. I’m really good up until Friday, even this Saturday just gone I was good,but then the bank holiday hit and all hell broke loose. I drank, I ate and missed a day of exercise because the gym was closed. I can’t seem to keep my momentum going when it comes to the weekend. It gets to Saturday night and Lee says he wants a takeaway (which he is well within his rights to have) and I can’t be bothered to cook so I say yeah go on then, and as soon as I’m eating it , I regret it straight away! Yet I keep eating!


All I want to do is keep motivated to get the rest of my weight off but I’m being too easy on myself and I hate that. It’s like my brain is saying, ‘ok you’ve lost 6.5 stone, now chill out a bit’ but I don’t want to chill out. I want to be happy with my body and be healthy for my future. I want to be able to buy normal clothes in normal shops and not pay over the odds for that extra bit of fabric.

I am asking you guys for help because I feel like I am my own worst enemy currently and I don’t like it. Please give me your advice on how you keep on track even when you feel so de-motivated. How do you stop that constant walk to the fridge because you’re ‘BORED’?How do you stop yourself from finding a snack when you just walk in from work instead of waiting for your dinner? How do you say NO to a takeaway even if you really want one? Food is my enemy and it is winning at the moment.




The Rainbow Run For Charity

Happy Friday people! Important Post today!

Ok, so those of you who know me will be very aware that up until the last 18 months, I would do anything to get out of exercise. I hated it and felt like everything was an effort.

This time I have decided to push myself and go for it by signing up for a 5K Rainbow Run for a local charity called Tiny Hearts Appeal.








The run has colour stations, as you may have guessed, where you get pelted with powder paint of different colours as you go round the route. It’s a family day so anyone can attend and join in or just come to support those who are running the 1k or 5k routes. There are crafts stalls and all sorts going on, so if you’re in the Barnsley area on 17th May, get yourself to Locke Park for a good day out!









The details of the event are here if you’re interested.

The reason I am raising money for the Tiny Hearts Appeal is because my little sister gave birth to my nephew a few years ago and he was 8 weeks early. He had a lot of problems and had to stay in the Special Care Baby Unit at Barnsley Hospital. He had round the clock care to make sure he was ok before he could go home. My sister and her boyfriend went through hell and back with Kaden and came out the other side with a beautiful bouncing baby boy who is super awesome!

Here are some pics of Kaden from being at the unit up to now. 🙂

PicMonkey CollageThe Special Care Baby Unit at Barnsley Hospital is in need of a massive overhaul to help babies and their families in those crucial first weeks of a premature baby’s life.For more info about where the money will go, check out the Tiny Hearts Appeal.

If you would like to sponsor me, you can donate here. Or click on the Just Giving button to the right.

Whatever you can give will massively help the Tiny Hearts Appeal and also if you want to laugh at me getting pelted with paint, then you definitely have to come out on the day!

I hope this isn’t cheeky asking for money but those who know me will know that this is also a challenge for me. I know it’s only a 5k but its a 5k more than I have done before. So, although it’s a bit selfish, this is also important to me to see how far I’ve come with my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey. There may be tears on the day, happy ones for getting to the end and for doing it for a cause that is very close to my heart.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope to see you on the day!

Much Love