Weigh day Wednesday 29/4/15

Hi there lovelies!Sorry for not posting yesterday.I sort of got a bit side tracked!This week I have gained a lb…

…but it’s ok because I have really enjoyed my food this week.I had a good week up to Saturday and then went out with some old friends from school for tapas.The tapas was gorgeous but it was the cocktails that probably began to push me into my weight gain.Then I had to go down south for work for a few days so took it as an opportunity to eat crap rather than stay on the path of healthiness.

I had a vegetarian breakfast at Wetherspoons with a full fat latte.Then had biscuits in the office and later had a massive stone baked pizza that naturally was full of cheese. Then when I got back to my room,I went to the vending machine and got some choccy bars and a bag of Kettle chips. The morning after I had another latte from Costa and a cheese and onion toastie;so much cheese!

So all in all,I haven’t had the best week with food but I’m not being too hard on myself because it’s not every day I have a weekend like the one just gone and I really enjoyed it.

Also on Monday because I was down south,I couldn’t go to the gym.I was planning on doing some floor exercises in my room but I was never in it long enough before being called back out.So I missed a day’s exercise.

However, now I’m back and on it like sonic so let’s hope next week is better.I have quite a busy month ahead of me events wise (more on that later) so here’s hoping I can get some more podge off by the end of the month!

Happy Thursday lovelies,Keep going on your healthy journey!



Weigh Day Wednesday 22/4/15

Hi Lovelies,

Well it’s been a pretty decent week food and exercise wise. I didn’t have any takeaways, had decent breakfasts at the weekend and changed up my exercise routine a bit.

So I was super happy when I got on the scales this morning and saw…


So that’s 1 and a half lb loss this week. My plan is to try really hard for the next week to see if by some divine miracle, I can lose 3.5lb’s by next Wednesday and FINALLY get my 7 stone loss.

I am going out for a meal with some old friends on Saturday so I will try and pick healthy foods if I can. It’s tapas though so we will be sharing; I shall have to compromise. It’s only 1 meal and I won’t let myself ruin it for fear of calorie counting.:)

I have also tried a few other snack ideas this week like these beauties:IMG_7042 IMG_7043

Dark Chocolate covered strawberries! I have these in the fridge for an after dinner sweet treat and they are lovely. I only have a few but because the dark chocolate is so rich, you don’t need many!

I also got really into preparing my meals for the week ahead on Sunday as I knew I would be home later every day this week. I’m still not as organised as I could be when it comes to making the week’s meals but I’m getting a lot better!


Check out the messy kitchen! In my eyes, a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen! Lee tends to disagree but ah well! 😉

So in a nutshell it’s been a pretty good week since last Wednesday.I’ve still allowed myself an icecream or sweet treat here and there but what’s the point of living healthier if you can’t have a few treats every now and again? I am not a robot who only ever eats the purest of pure fresh food so I bloody well enjoyed my Magnum icecream! 😉

Have a fab week everyone,here’s to another good one…fingers crossed!



Weigh Day Wednesday 15/4/15

Good Morning Weight Loss Warriors!

Those of you who read last week’s progress post will know that I wasn’t best pleased with myself due to my constant over-snacking and just indulging too much in everything I looked at.

I know last week was a bank holiday so some fun was to be had, but it came at the expense of putting weight on and setting me back a week in my journey.

This annoyed me so much that I made sure I had a good week this week.

So the usual gym sessions were had but I also went to play badminton on Sunday morning with the moomaa and we then walked to our local town centre and back for a bit of an extra boost. The wind and rain battered us but we did it and both felt fab afterwards!

Then Monday I did my normal gym session with the cardio on the treadmill and bike but also did a bit of boxing too. Let me tell you, it doesn’t half de-stress you!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I went to play badminton again with both my moomaa and moopaa and had a ridiculously good workout! Bearing in mind that before they arrived, I had just done 20 minutes of interval running and walking on the treadmill, I had a pretty knackering workout!

My dad is wanting to get healthier now so we’re going to play badminton every Tuesday. It’s good for me too because I get to break the monotony of slogging it out in the gym and get to enjoy exercise a bit more.

I took a few pictures of them playing when I just got there.

IMG_6936 IMG_6937 IMG_6941

He’s got a right back-swing on him my old man; even a life of drinking and smoking hasn’t ruined his semi-pro style badminton playing. Both him and my mum definitely gave me the run around on the court; this just encouraged me more to get fit so I can beat my parents eventually!

Anyway, back to the point of this post (just wanted to give you an overview of my week), I got on the scales this morning. Whilst telling myself not to be annoyed if I hadn’t lost or if it wasn’t as much as I was wanting, this is what I saw…


3.5 lb’s lost this week which makes me so happy! I finally feel like I am back on the straight and narrow and nothing is going to pull me back down now!

Tonight I am going to attempt to start the Change4Life Couch to 5K by walking/jogging/the poorest running you will ever see round a local country park called Newmillerdam. I will be going with an old friend I have known since I was 4 and its been a while since we’ve seen each other so we should have lots of catch up on!

I’ll let you know how my first day goes but don’t expect anything amazing! If you want to give the couch to 5k thing a go, I have linked it above.

Come on guys, let’s keep the weight loss moving! It’s not over, it’s only just beginning!

Me this morning after getting weighed; apologies for the terrible photo. I had been awake 10 minutes!

Love you all, SIMW


Egg Muffin Breakfast Bites

Last night whilst on my way to the gym, my mind turned to what I would have for breakfast at work the next day to try and change things up a bit.

I was scrolling through internet pages looking for healthy savoury breakfast ideas that were easy to make and portable for work. Not the most specific of searches but not far off!

I was searching and scrolling and then had an epiphany; why not make some egg muffins in yorkshire pudding tins and have them for breakfast?So that’s what I did!

Now, I’ve seen similar recipes before but never thought to make some as I was on a role with my overnight oats breakfast creations.

This is how the egg bites look when done.


You will need:

  • 2 medium eggs
  • splash of milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • sprinkle of smoked paprika
  • sprinkle of mild cheddar cheese
  • 1 large chopped button mushroom
  • handful of chopped/diced meat (I used barbecue chicken and pastrami because that’s what was in my fridge)
  • Frylight

This mixture will make about 9 egg bites depending on the size of your pudding tray (mine was tiny!)


Pre-heat the oven to 180ÂșC. Spray your yorkshire pudding tin with Frylight to make sure it coats the edges. In a bowl/jug, whisk the eggs,milk,some smoked paprika and salt and pepper to taste;put aside. Share the chopped mushroom and meat out into each individual pudding tray but don’t overload as your egg still needs to go in. Put the pudding tray in the oven for 5-7 mins so the mushrooms can cook. Take out the tray, divide the egg mixture up between all 9, making sure it doesn’t spill over (this happened to me). Sprinkle some of the cheese on top of each egg muffin and then put back in the oven for 10-15 mins or until you think it’s cooked. Take out of the oven and voila!

Close up of the eggy goodness
1 escaped into my mouth before this photo!

That’s it! From start to finish this only took me about 10 mins to prepare and stick in the oven and let me tell you, after scoffing 6 of them down this morning, I feel super satisfied and like I have had a little treat. If you look back to the ingredients, there’s not a huge amount really but because it’s in bitesize pieces, it feels like a lot more.

like a deer in headlights stuffing my face

These definitely have a major thumbs up from me and I would say give them a go if you like. I also want to see what variations you guys choose and how yours turn out if you try this out.

Super tasty egg bites!

These are second to my Breakfast wraps for savoury goodness so you know they’re tasty!

I hope you try these out and like them too! Speak soon lovelies!



Weigh Day Wednesday: 8/4/15-Kick up the bum

Hi guys!

This week’s weigh in went how I expected it to go…


I put on 1.5 lb’s and up until yesterday, I was really annoyed with myself. Then I realised that being annoyed won’t get me anywhere, so I started reading and researching motivation and weight loss tips and ideas and also looking at old pictures of me when I was nearly 22 stone. Sometimes it’s important to remind yourself why you started and really think hard about how bloody difficult it was lugging around all that extra weight. When you were almost crying after a gym workout because you felt like you would have a heart attack and being strict with your food intake. That’s what I haven’t been doing.

I’ve been kidding myself that I’m working hard when really I’ve just been going through the motions and doing the bare minimum to try and not put the weight back on.

So now, after some stern words with myself, I am going to go hell for leather with both the exercise and even more importantly, the food intake. I am going to keep an eye on hidden calories in sauces, seasonings and other foods and make sure that next week is an excellent weight loss (or at least sets me back on track).

This book I started reading has been reminding me of my relationship with food and why it is so unhealthy.

Fab book by the way!

Well not anymore! Food will be enjoyed but in portion controlled amounts and the snacking will be cut down and biscuits replaced with healthier alternatives. I stick by my rule of not denying myself everything because I know this never works and I would fall off the wagon. I will still enjoy my snacks, but have less of them.

Think it’s fair to say that Fat; I’M COMING TO GET YOU!