Weigh Day Wednesday 25/2/15

Good Afternoon Weight Loss Warriors!

How are you all doing?Good!

Right my lovelies, this week has been a decent week in terms of exercise because from last Wednesday to this, I have been to the gym 4 times! Woo! This is really good for me because I HATE exercise, like REALLY hate it. But as my sister goes on a Friday, I thought I would push myself a bit, so I joined her.

I did my usual cardio stuff on the treadmill,bike and rowing machine but also decided to do some more arm weights to help tone up. It went well but my arms were still aching 3 days after I had been!

On the food front, I have done ok although those biscuit demons have reared their ugly heads a bit and I have had a few too many when I shouldn’t have. One positive of this past week however, is that I haven’t had much to drink alcohol wise because the week has just been so busy that I haven’t really had much time for anything other than collapsing on the sofa completely knackered at the end of the day.

I have decided to make a conscious effort to reduce my salt intake because I realised the other day that I have salt on and in everything. I use it in cooking and don’t even look on the packaging of some foods which are meant to be healthy. I need to make more of an effort to check the food labels of what I’m buying because there are hidden evils in a lot of meals and that’s not good at all. Some healthy foods are worst offenders for salt content so I need to keep my eye on the ball in future. This should also help reduce my chances of heart disease and such like.

Anyway on a brighter note, this week I weigh:


That’s a loss of 2.5lb’s woo! So I am still paddling away to lose some more podge and am hopefully on the right track to get to a decent average weight by the end of this year.

I don’t really know what I want my target weight to be. I’m just going to see how I feel as I lose the weight and get fitter and then take other steps to improve my health further to make for a healthier happier life overall.

Anyway that’s it for this weigh day wednesday.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and keep on trying. It will happen, I promise.



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  1. Sorry for the late comment but CONGRATULATIONS!!! GO YOU!!! You are doing so great lately! Looking forward to reading how you got on today as well… I’ve been a bit MIA lately! I’m heading over to your side of the pond on Saturday, Newcastle to be specific with the BF.

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