Weigh Day Wednesday 18/2/15

Hello my lovelies!

Ok So those of you who saw my most recent post about this week’s progress will know that I wasn’t hoping for any kind of loss, but that I was back on track for the next 2 days and would see where they took me.

Yesterday was Pancake Day woo! So after the gym I went home and made Pancakes for me, Lee and his youngest to enjoy. I am incapable of flipping a pancake purely because our pan is a heavy bottomed one so it’s an absolute nightmare! I had to flip the pancakes with 2 spatulas in one swift motion but they turned out sort of ok; they tasted nommy!

After having my pancake with some tinned tomatoes with beef Oxo in (gorgeous by the way), I went to bed trying not to think about my weigh in. Got up late this morning, launched myself out of bed to go get ready. Teeth brushed, face washed and then time to get the scales out. Nerves filled me because I was scared of what I might see due to my not too brill week of food.

I stepped on the scales and saw this:


I saw the 15 on them and my eyes went blurry because tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn’t believe it; I have got my 6 stone loss finally!

So this week I have lost 1 3/4 lb, which I am ecstatic about. The only thing I can put it down to is that after Wednesday’s weigh day, I went to the gym Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday, so because I had to fit in my day 3 of exercise for last week, it worked out that I got an extra day of exercise between last week’s weigh day and this week’s. Hope that makes sense!

Anyway, I am back on the straight and narrow so lets hope next week is a better week for my eating habits. Also, going to try the new Slimming World meals so look out for a review of the ones I have chosen. I am super excited to give those a go!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day Weight Loss Warriors. Your journey starts with the first step; everything after that is progress! 🙂



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  1. woohoo!! that’s amazing. Sorry, I am new here, but wanted to find some other slimming worlders and I came across your blog. I haven’t read all the way back but it sounds like you are doing marvellously. I have been slimming worlding for a while, but got off track about six months ago, kept going to group, but gradually gaining weight. I have just done a 7-day juice fast to try and reset my brain. It seems to have done the trick and i’m back onto the sp plan as of tomorrow. i too am desperately waiting to see the 15s… i love your socks by the way 😀

    1. haha thank you so much for finding my blog and liking my socks! I like a bit of quirky style. 😉 It has taken me just over a year to get this far, so I’m thinking another year to get the rest of the excess weight off and then just maintaining it really. I’m always on the lookout for slimming tips so if you have any, throw em my way 🙂 thanks for commenting!xxxxx

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