Foods that keep me on track

Happy Tuesday to you my lovely companions!

Today I am going to do a bit of a post about the things that help me stay on track with my healthy lifestyle. I have a bit of an issue with snacking. Every time I go in the kitchen, I open the fridge to see what goodies I can grab quickly.

In our fridge there are a multitude of biscuits that Lee insists of having with his morning cuppa on a weekend. We have cookies, hobnobs,custard creams and chocolate digestives. None of these are good for me and yet they stare me down every time I open that fridge door and they say, ‘Come on Tash, just one cookie, you deserve it after all that exercise this week’. Sometimes I give in and grab one and sometimes I don’t. So far this week has been a week of not grabbing them because I have maintained my weight for the past 2 weeks and kind of wanted to give it a bit of a nudge to get losing again.

Anyway onto the foods that help keep me on track with my healthy lifestyle and weight loss. First up, we have FryLight:











I could not live without the use of this stuff as it helps make so many recipes easier and healthier. Of course it’s not as good as not using oil at all but sometimes its needed, like when I make taty wedges for instance!

The next one is an absolute must for me. I almost always have these in my fridge as they are perfect to snack on when you just want a bit of something.









Crab sticks are top of my list for a go-to-snack (I don’t know why I call them crab sticks as there’s no crab in them whatsoever!). At between 16 and 20 calories (depending on which brand you buy) these really satisfy a craving for something savoury.I got these ones from Sainsbury’s. I could rave about crab sticks all day because I have loved them since I was a little girl and used to steal them from my mum’s diet food stash!

On we go!













This is code for ‘something chocolatey’. Aero Mousses are TO DIE FOR! At less than 100 calories, these taste so very naughty and indulgent; they are PERFECT if you just need something to take that sweet craving away. These are currently on offer in Tesco as well for £1 I think so grab a bargain!

Next up is the mighty natural yoghurt:













This makes everything better. I use it in curries, on cereal, mixed in with fruit, and a whole host of other things. It is versatile because it is neither savoury nor sweet. You can add your own flavour to it. Recently I have had it poured over fruit with breakfast and a light drizzle of honey. However, I have also used it when making Chicken Curries to add a creamy texture to them without using actual cream. One problem with this though; make sure you remember its in the fridge as it tends to get mouldy if it’s pushed to the back and forgotten about! (oopsie!)

And now onto the soup!















I have had this in continuous supply recently due to the freezing cold weather we’re having in South Yorkshire (seriously, there has been snow EVERYWHERE!). I buy this Covent Garden variety when it’s on offer, as it currently is in Tesco  for £1 (yeah that’s where we did our big shop this week). I have a stock of soups in the cupboard and they are just perfect to have when you can’t be bothered to do much of anything else, you’re cold and tired from work and you just want something easy to ding in the microwave, sit down and eat. Also, soup really relaxes me. It must be the action of having a warm bowl of something steamy and lovely, with a big spoon and a piece of bread for dipping whist say cozy in front of the TV.

Anyway, less of the soup porn and more of what I have to show you:










I think life would be so boring without a cupboard full of spices and seasonings to brighten it up. I add spices to almost everything I make, whether it’s a casserole and calls for italian herbs or whether it’s potato wedges that need a sprinkling of smoked paprika. I love to add zazzy goodness to everything I make. My spice cupboard is ever so slightly out of control but staples I have are salt, pepper, garlic,rosemary,thyme,ginger,cumin,garam masala,chilli powder,turmeric and medium curry powder. In reality I have over 100 different things in my spice cupboard such as; chilli flakes and powder, chinese five spice, sesame seeds and other spices I have accumulated whilst following recipes. It takes a while to grow your spice cupboard, but I cannot recommend it enough. You get an immense satisfaction when you add spices to a dish and it comes out tasting truly amazing. You did that you little spice queen!

Right 2 to go!















Now I couldn’t do this post without adding cereal to the mix. I love cereal and in particular this Special K at the minute. I got it from Quality Save (or in some parts of the UK, Home Bargains). It is so moreish! I add a chopped banana on top for a tasty breakfast. I also recommend Cheerios, Corn Flakes, porridge oats and Fruit & Fibre. One thing I would say with cereal is if you can, measure it out and check your calorie amount based on how many grams you have. Some cereals can be quite high in calories and so end up doing you a disservice when you want a healthy breakfast. I have mine with semi-skimmed milk which makes it super tasty and better than whole fat milk.

And now the final one:







Snack bars! I say this with caution. When you buy snack bars/cereal bars, some of them will say how good for you they are and how low-fat they are and you assume they are low in calories and super healthy. ALWAYS CHECK THE NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION.Why? Certain snack bars are extremely high in calories; so when you think you’re grabbing a healthy treat instead of that Kitkat, sometimes it would just be better to eat the chocolate and not the snack bar. These Special K Biscuit Moments are lovely though and at 99 calories for the two biscuits you get in the pack, they are good to satisfy your sweet tooth. I got these Raspberry ones from Poundland but you can get them from Asda too.

Right well those are just a few of the foods that help keep me on the straight and narrow (well sort of). I may do another one of these posts in the future when I think of some more absolute must haves to keep in your fridge and cupboards to aid with weight loss and living healthier.

I would love to know what you have at home to help keep you on track and would love it if you could post it in the comments below.

I am going to go stuff my face with some crab (not really crab) sticks! 😉



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  1. OMG biscuit moments are my biggest thing at the moment – I love the chocolate and caramel ones, but they are just enough to satisfy my post-dinner sweet tooth!
    I tell you what else is awesome – Iceland do “after dinner mint ice creams” which are basically mint ice cream in a thin dark chocolate choc ice. They are less than 80 calories each 🙂

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