Ok, so I thought I would do a quick post about Frittatas as I make them quite often and suddenly thought,maybe some people don’t know what they are or how to make them.

Basically  a frittata is an italian dish made with beaten eggs in an omelette style. You can add whatever you like to them and tailor them specific to your dietary requirements.

I love frittatas (wow that word is so hard to type fast) because they are low-calorie,are a good substitute for a sandwich as you can roll them up and I find them quite filling.

mmm frittata goodness!
I tend to add things like mushrooms, peppers, onions, a bit of cheese, tomatoes and some sort of meat filling. However, you can add what you like. I would imagine a good veggy one would have courgette ribbons in and spinach added right at the end.

I usually finish off my frittatas in the oven so they get cooked on top and have a lovely golden finish to them. Also I am paranoid about uncooked egg, so this is a must anyway for me!

Quick Frittata recipe (my take on it)

You will need:

  • 2 eggs
  • splash of semi-skimmed milk
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • dash of paprika
  • 4 quartered button mushrooms
  • 1 medium diced tomato
  • half a white onion
  • chopped pastrami-or what meat you can grab
  • chopped red and yellow bell peppers (just a quarter of each)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (your frittata will stick to the pan if you use Fry Light,well it did for me!)
  • matchbox sized grated mild cheddar

Right firstly heat the oil in a pan and throw in all the veg; cook on a medium heat until the veg softens. Add salt and pepper to taste.In a bowl, whisk the eggs with a dash of paprika,half the cheese, a bit of salt and pepper and splash of semi-skimmed milk. Spread out the veg in the pan and then add the egg mixture slowly making sure it spreads all over the veg. Cook on a medium heat for a few minutes until it looks cooked around the edges.

In the meantime, pre-heat the oven to 180ºC. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese on the frittata, then put the pan entirely in the oven (at this point I would like to remind you to use an all metal pan so your handle doesn’t melt in the oven!). Cook for a few minutes until frittata is golden brown on top.When you take out the pan, remember it will be boiling hot so use gloves or a towel.

Close up of the nommy goodness
Close up of the nommy goodness

Leave to cool for a few minutes, then slide the frittata out of the pan and onto a big plate (because depending on the size of your pan, it will be massive!). You can either roll it up like a wrap or fold it over and have a side salad with it.

These really are brilliant to make if you don’t have much time and can be simplified if you like. Basically its a glorified omelette but I love them! I definitely recommend you give it a go because they are quite fun to make and can be done with so many different ingredients.

Let me know your variations in the comments!



7 thoughts on “Frittatas

  1. One small tip, if you need to use olive oil becuase it sticks you should invest in one of the good non-stick frying pans, I actually just bought one yesterday in tescos they have a special offer on one of the tefal ranges and I one for less than €15!! I’ve used my parents one lots though (I just recently moved out) and it’s great because you never have to use oil, I’ll regularly cook omlettes or fry some veg with no oil at all so in the long run you’re avoiding a lot of extra calories….

      1. Ye it’s worth checking but I imagine if you’d had any issues even with olive oil it probably isn’t. They’re normally quite expensive although I think JML brought out a good one at a lower price. I tried out that oats with yogurt and fruit breakfast recipe this morning, was yummy although I think I needed more yogurt (I didn’t measure at all).

        1. haha I just tend to chuck it in but for the purpose of recipe writing, gave basic measurements lol. That overnight oats is lovely with natural yoghurt and honey swirled in. Also if you can get a few walnuts to throw on top,they are lovely and are good for your heart too! (In moderate amounts )x

          1. Oh sounds nice I’ll have to try it out and experiment with a few different variations, I was getting bored of the usual hot porridge with some fruit on the side so it was nice to change it up today.

          2. I know how you feel. I got stuck in a rut of always having cereal with a banana on top but it wasn’t filling me up. So recently I’ve been having chopped fruit with natural yoghurt on top and it takes me that long to eat it, I am super satisfied after. 🙂

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