Boosting my immunity

Good morning everyone,

I just thought I would write a quick post while sat here relaxing at home as I had a minor epiphany.
Two nights ago around 8:30 I got sharp pains in my stomach and I instantly knew what it was;norovirus.

I had this two years ago over the Christmas period and it was really violent. I was constantly throwing up and had bad diarrhoea for about 2 days and then another day or so to was awful and exhausted me to no end.

This year I caught it again off the other half and prepared for the worst 48 hours ever.Granted,it sucked big time but it only lasted 24 hours which was fab!

So my immune system has definitely had a boost this year with my new healthy regime. I was glad because before I started all this,I was always ill.I always had a cold and whatever bug was going round,you could guarantee I would catch it.

So although being ill at Christmas sucked, realising the strength of my immunity gave me clarity;clarity that what I am doing is working for my body.

Kick ass immunity is awesome!


Weigh Day 10.12.14

It’s that time of week again all. Weigh Day Wednesday. For those of you who read yesterday’s post, you will know that this week has been my worst for food for a while. I don’t know why that is but I have just snacked on bad foods and made bad choices. I haven’t gone back to my old ways completely but it wasn’t that far off to be honest with you.

Anyway, this week I have maintained. I was dead happy! I predicted I would have put on 2 lbs but maybe due to continual exercise and my metabolism, the scales have been kind to me. My mum said it’s always hard at this time of year and as a major food obsessed lady, I tend to agree.

I would love her figure and still enjoy food!
I would love her figure and still enjoy food!

There are so many foodie treats out there around Christmas that lead me down the garden path of being naughty. I guess if I keep up my exercises over Christmas, then maintaining wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I think maybe I’ve been too hard on myself and I keep having to remind myself that I’m not on a diet, this is my life and I am trying to lead a more active and fulfilling one.

So I am 16 stone 10.5 lbs still, which is ok because I have truly eaten a lot of bad food this week and had my work’s Christmas party as well. This week I don’t have any excuses to stuff my face, so I’m hoping I can stay on track and have a decent loss next week because on the 19th, it’s my family’s Christmas party and we’re going to a masquerade ball with a 3 course meal and drinks…Soooooo maybe the week after will not be so good but I can but try.

Have a fab Wednesday weight loss warriors!



Progress in pictures

Just a quick note to show you progress so far; I played around with the be funky editor and created this:


This is my progress so far; It’s been slow but its all generally been in the right direction. Just a better picture to show where the weight has come off. This is halfway through my journey but there is about another 6 stone to go me thinks!


Not the best of weeks…

Morning all. Apologies for not updating you of late. Last week I lost 1lb, well 3/4 of one, so a loss, which is still good. I think however, this week, that I will have gained because I have eaten utter crap. I went to my work’s Christmas party on Friday and had a starter and a main with chips (I calculated and the food alone was my daily intake of calories) and then had several spiced rum and diet cokes so god knows what they are calorie wise. Then on Saturday for breakfast, I had a skinny mocha and a cheesy toasty from Costa and made the journey to come back home, as the party was down in Buckinghamshire.

3.5 hours later I got to Barnsley and went for a bit of shopping with the mister. He took me for dinner to a Thai cafe, which was lovely and I really enjoyed it. We never do anything like that so it was really nice. I had a Thai chicken dish but somehow managed to pick the creamiest dish on the menu, so that wasn’t good. I also had it with noodles BUT didn’t eat them all and gave half to Lee.

Then on Saturday night we watched Anchorman 2 with obligatory popcorn and crisps. Now I didn’t drink Saturday because I was knackered from travelling but Lee had bought peanuts so I scoffed some of them too (I know how bad peanuts are for you calorie wise but ate them anyway). I can’t actually remember what we had for tea but I doubt it was good.

Then Sunday I had a big veggy dinner which was actually not that bad but then had mini Toblerone bites after. NOT GOOD!


So basically my week has been utter crap but yesterday I got up and went to the gym, despite wanting to do everything but, and I actually had a good workout. It is definitely harder to go to the gym at this time of year because you just want to go home and get warm with TV and chocolate and a blanket. It must be some sort of hibernation thing we go through.

I will be going to the gym today but when I get weighed in the morning, if the scales say I have put on, I will know why. I am predicting a gain of 2lb’s, which will make me sad but at least I will know why. There’s nothing worse than weight gain when you can’t pinpoint how you’ve put on.

So anyway, here’s to a good day today and hopefully not too bad a gain in the morning. I will update you tomorrow regardless of how good or bad it is, I promise!