So I got weighed…

Considering its been a bank holiday and there have been many temptations, my weight gain of 1.5 lb’s feels like a success for me.

I am not advocating weight gain is all fine and dandy but I had a lot to drink this weekend and I drank every day. Also I couldn’t go to the gym on Monday as it was a bank holiday, I couldn’t go to the gym yesterday as I had to go out on a work night out, which involved bowling and a meal at Frankie and Benny’s of all places.

Glowing lights of glory
Glowing lights of glory

I had a healthy starter: chicken and lettuce balls; but my main was a monstrosity of cheese, barbecue sauce, fries,pulled pork/beef, chicken and onion rings…oh and a mini corn on the cob for good measure. I found myself scraping the cheese meltyness off the chicken. Before I would have scoffed it but now I enjoyed my food and even left some! (If I had not been with my work colleagues, I would have devoured the meal in its entirety, including the cheese, but that’s besides the point) I even only had one alcoholic beverage and switched to Diet Coke after. Who am I?!

Anyway, I am forcing myself to go to the gym today as I need to get back on track and will be going Thursday and Friday too to get my 3 days in. It seems part of my life now; I don’t just mean the gym either. I naturally pick up the healthier yoghurt in the supermarket. I check the nutrition details of everything I eat. I use hardly any mayo as it’s an evil I can live without for the most part. I even did some skipping on Monday to make up for not being able to go to the gym. Who would willingly do exercise at home?!?!Me apparently.

So this next week, I am going to reduce my alcohol intake, have more spirits in place of wine and try not to give in to temptation too much. Life is for living, not for counting calories; not all the time anyway!

Good luck with your week of slimming Weight Warriors!


Weigh Day Wednesday 20/8/14

It’s Weigh Day Again Slimmers!

I had a good week for food apart from one day on Sunday when we ordered a Chinese takeaway. To be fair, Lee’s daughter has been up for a few days so it was a one-off treat. I had hot and garlic chicken with special fried rice, a few chips and a bit of special curry but my portion was good and I tried to pick the least offensive foods for my stomach to digest.

I must admit I had a drink Friday, Saturday and Sunday so that would have added to a lower calorie loss.

I lost 1 lb and 3/4 so have gone from 17 stone 10.5 to 17 stone 8.75 so not a bad effort after losing 5 lb the previous week. (Check out last week’s post I am 2 lb and 1/4 away from 4 and a half stone which would be an amazing feat. If I can have lost 5 stone by the end of September I will be giddy. I am going out on a hen party with some friends who I haven’t seen in over a year on the 27th I think so it should be a bit of a shock for them.

I haven’t really been doing anything differently but have felt a bit deflated this week I must admit. We all have those days where we just want to be able to eat what we like and not put any weight on. Unfortunately for me I can never do that. I would love to gorge on a greasy pizza and be able to eat carbohydrates just before bed but now I know the consequences of these actions, I cannot allow myself to have them. Maybe I should let myself have that bag of Doritos instead of the Quavers every now and again. Do you know what I mean? I guess I need to appreciate the treats more when I do have them; that way I can savour them for longer before going back to eating healthily.

I keep telling myself this is a lifestyle and not a diet but you can’t help but think you are denying yourself all these foods and missing out on these flavours. If this ever happens to you, just remind yourself that you ate terribly for long enough and now is the time to set things right. Yesterday I bought myself a bag of Jellytots as a treat because I just wanted something bad for me. Moderation is key; never let yourself get to that point where you feel you’re gorging  on all the wrong foods but allow yourself to have what you want every  now and again.

Think I’m going to renew my motivation for food this week and try a few new recipes to hopefully boost my efforts in weight loss while ensuring my taste buds do not get bored.

Have a fantastic slimming week everyone. Moderation is key! Check out these two quotes to boost your motivation.





Help Curb my Sweet Tooth Cravings

Hello Slimmers,

If you’re like me, you have those days where you just cant shift your hunger and you need something bad for you, be it savoury or sweet. My craving is for the latter; today is one of those days. Some lovely person on my Facebook page posted this picture:

Caramel Cake:-kinda want to dive face first into this.
Caramel Cake:-kinda want to dive face first into this.

A bit of context; she has her own bakery, in which she and her sister create all sorts of wonderful goodies that look simply indulgent and a sweet tooth vagrant’s dream. If you love sweet stuff and are local to the Barnsley area, then go check them out>>>>> OK, enough of the shameless promotion. 😀

Although, they are fantastic at what they do, this picture just made me want to eat a vat of caramel with whipped cream on top. It’s days like today that my cravings are at their height and it is difficult to shift the thought of eating something so decadent, you drift into a sugar fueled hypnosis.

So my question. What do you eat when a granola bar just won’t do? How do you curb that craving of wanting to eat a Kit Kat Chunky or an eclair? I would love to hear your thoughts as my stomach is currently screaming for something sweet and naughty.

I have fruits galore,and have a stock pile of go ahead bars and oaty bars but I try to keep these to a minimum as they aren’t that low on calories. I guess I need to find the balance between indulging every once in a while and completely losing the plot and going on a chocolate roller coaster back up in weight.

Please help!

On a separate note, Sweet Sisters Bakery cater for all occasions, including birthdays,weddings and every day nommies. Seriously, they are talented. If you’re local to South Yorkshire, make a trip there. The link is above!I will stop the promoting now sorry guys.

SIMW x I await your advice on curbing my sweet tooth!

Mango Chicken-Easy Peasy Mango Squeezy!

Hello fellow Slimmers and Readers alike,

New Recipe Alert! I got to my mum’s house on Sunday and she greeted me with 4 overripe mangoes, ‘they need using up’,  she said. So I did what I always do and researched Mango recipes. This is what I found.

I used all the same ingredients but instead of making the mango sauce separate, I mixed it in with the chicken and cooked it in the oven for about 25-30 minutes. It was gorgeous. My only regret is that I didn’t take a snapshot of my genius! So here is a picture of a mango instead.

Serious Mango Madness
Serious Mango Madness

I didn’t make coleslaw as I didn’t have the stuff to make it from scratch. I stored the chicken in the fridge and had it on a bed of salad last night as a post-gym treat. It was nommy, although a bit dry. Maybe next time I will save some Mango sauce to pour over at the end!

I definitely recommend this recipe, the lime juice on the chicken counteracts the sweetness of the mango and your taste-buds will do a little dance for the flavour!

Have a go Weight Warriors!



As you might have guessed by the headline, I did it.

photo 1 (4)
That’s what’cha call crazy eyes happy!

I LOST 4 STONE!I got on the scales this morning and saw 17 stone 10.5 lb’s; that’s a loss of 5lb.

I tried extra hard at the gym last night and ended up staying for an hour and half; normally only stay for an hour tops or I’m in agony the day after. However, the gym instructor is back off his holidays and so got us doing lots of different exercises to change it up a bit.

I have to say, when I got on the scales and saw that number, I teared up a bit because I couldn’t actually believe I had done it.I haven’t weighed this since I was about 16-17 so it is a massive thing for me. I weigh less than before I went to uni. I am this far away from fitting into the size 20 Primark skinny jeans I have at home (I can get them on and button them up but I can’t exactly move around much in them) and I feel amazing.

I am happier than I’ve ever been because I have a good job, a loving partner, a fab family, some crazy friends and now my health tops it all. I think my uncle would be proud of me. The main thing now is to not get complacent and keep going because this has happened before when I’ve lost some weight. I think well I’ve done the hard work now, I can relax a bit. NO! This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle, which means those sorts of thoughts are poison. This is my new lifestyle and I love all the things I can do now. Simple things like being able to walk to the bus stop without breaking a sweat or sitting on a chair and not worrying it’s going to snap.

There’s still a long way to go and I am under no illusion about that, so now it’s time to step it up. If anyone would like to join me, I will be the one attempting to run in Holy Trinity Gym! 😉

Keep going those of you who may have lost your motivation; it happens to all of us (just check out my progress post from last week). It will happen, you just have to be patient and do not see this as a diet. It is a lifestyle choice; choice being the important word. You are in control of your own destiny (yes I am aware of how cheesy that sounds) and you are the only one who can change what you eat and how active you are.

PEP TALK OVER, I’m going to have some wine tonight,I bloody well deserve it!

That people is the most genuine smile I have ever given.
That people is the most genuine smile I have ever given.