Guilt Trip?!

Firstly I meant to post this the other day when I was feeling a bit crappy,so rewind 4 days…..Why do I feel so guilty about wanting to have a day off the gym???3 days a week is good enough right? I’m not making excuses but everyone needs a break from time to time don’t you think?
Would love someone else’s advice on this matter.
Those of you who have been in a gym routine for a while after changing your lifestyle,do you feel this way sometimes? You really don’t want to have to go to the gym 4 days on the trot and just want a day off for once.
I’ve noticed since I started I have let my hobbies fall by the wayside.i love reading,listening to music and sewing;GOD I MISS SEWING!They have all but vanished from my daily routine because I’m getting home from the gym so bloody late,I have time to make tea and that’s it.:( I’m flopping on the sofa and them going to bed later because I need my wind down.Feeling a bit poowah but trying to be optimistic…..note I didn’t go to the gym that day or the day after and just stuck to my 3 days.thoughts?


Pushing myself

I ACHE! I ache so bad! But that means I worked hard yesterday right? Stupid me decided to ask the gym instructor to do something more challenging with me as I felt I had lost my motivation slightly and had just been going through the motions at the gym.

Oh how I regretted it…

I did the Cardio Circuit: link here (Cardio Circuit Training) twice and then Danny (the instructor) got me and two other women doing lunges from one end of the corridor to the other and back. I am crap with measurements but it seemed like an eternity to get to the end.

Note: I am really bad at lunges; I don’t even go in a straight line!

We then did sit ups with different weights of medicine balls, ten of each. After that we did what I can only describe as floor torture. We had to lay down on our back with our hands underneath our bum and had to raise our legs and upper body at the same time to try and make a V. We had to do this 50 times! Next, we did what the picture shows:

6-best-ab-exercises-1 But instead of alternating quickly, we had to do 25 on one side then 25 on the other.

The last one we did is really difficult to explain. Basically you had to lay on your side with your arm that you’re leaning on straight out in front of you. Then you had to put your upper hand around the back of your head similar to how the girl’s arms are in the picture above but only with one arm.Then both your legs flat out but with the upper leg raised slightly off the floor. When you’ve got this, you had to stretch your upper body towards your leg and do 25 on each side.(I hope that makes an ounce of sense)


So it’s basically similar to the second picture but with the changes I described further up (bloodyhell went around the houses to explain that eh?)

After we were knackered, we were given these Reebok weighted bars and were supposed to do 10,20,30,40,50 and then 60. I did 10, then 20, then had to cut down to one bar to do 30 and then my arms were screaming. So that did not get completed.

To finish off, I just did 100 skips and by that point I was dead on my feet.

My point in this torture of a session is that you are always capable of doing more than you would ever push yourself to do. Sometimes you need someone else to say, ‘Ok this is what you’re going to do’, because you almost feel like you have to, to prove it to them and yourself that you can do it.

So the next time, do exercise with a friend and challenge each other to do new exercises that you wouldn’t normally do. Your body gets used to the same old routine, so you have to shake it up sometimes. By no means, go hell for leather all the time because you will only end up harming yourself. However, change is always good don’t you think?



Planning Meals

OK so yesterday I went crazy with the hubby making meals in mass for the week ahead. Altogether we made:

  • A curry base to make three curries with
  • Szechuan Beef
  • Sausage Casserole
  • Sweet Chilli Chicken

I used a base to make a Kofta Curry, which we had last night. It was lush!

Although there was a heck of a lot of prep, I know its gonna be worth it because when I come home late from the gym, It can just be reheated and eaten, which is my favourite thing to do on an evening.

Granted, if you’re not feeling particularly energetic, it can become irritating with all that chopping. However, it is definitely worth all the work you put in on a weekend because then you can sail through the work week. 🙂

I might put up the curry base recipe later if anyone wants to batch make some and freeze it for future use. Have a go at meal planning. I have and I’m hoping it’ll make life losing weight that little bit easier 🙂


Being Fat in the Heat

I tell you something.its bloody horrible being fat in a heat wave.wonder how I managed at 21stone now!
Just had a debate with myself over whether I dare take my cardigan off in case my back looks sweaty and has soaked through my vest.Then realised that it’s 28 degrees centigrade and most people will be sweaty anyway.
So I am currently no sleeving It on the bus and I feel liberated!
Common sense wins over vanity again 🙂

SIMW x stay cool in the heat everyone x