Upper Body Weights

So I’ve been avoiding upper body weights if I’m completely honest with myself. It’s only because I’m so weak in the arm area. I have no upper body strength what so ever.

So we did some arm and chest weights last night and I felt pitiful because I couldn’t do the harder press ups (still on my knees bear in mind)

I left sort of feeling like I hadn’t done much. Woke up this morning, felt ok. My arms ached a bit but nothing to write home about. Then got towards dinner time at work today and I got an itch in the middle of my back; so went to scratch and got an almighty pain in the top of my arm,Deltoids and Biceps area (I had to Google that). So now I know I worked hard last night and tomorrow the pain will be worse before it’s better (It always is).

Pretty little diagram of your arm muscles for ya!
Pretty little diagram of your arm muscles for ya!

We did 10-15 repetitions of pushing a long bar above our heads. 10-15 reps of holding 2 4kg weights and pushing them up to the sky. 10-15 reps of 3 kg weights starting from in front of us and going round in a big circle to end just above our heads but with our arms in front of us (that is a crap explanation I know). We also did 10-15 reps of push ups with these metal holding bars on the mat.

Lastly we did 10-15 reps of laying down on this cushion in front on this weight lifting apparatus, where you had to pull the weights from behind you with your hands (as if you’re about to give someone a hug) and contract by pulling your hands (arms bent) towards your stomach and then slowly back out again.

All this has completely knackered me as now I can’t even adjust my bra without my arms aching. However, no one ever got anywhere sat eating ice-cream did they?

No Pain, No Gain I suppose. Why can’t I just get fit whilst doing nothing.

I can dream…


Trying to make Keema Curry

I have this mince that I got from my local butchers. Ooo get me, I have a local butcher! He just happens to work directly across from my office so it’s convenience more than anything. I’m just lucky his mince is the best in Barnsley!

Anyway, tonight, I am making a Slimming version of keema curry with chips and naan bread for the hubby. The recipe is here:


My partner has said not to put carrots in but I thought, ‘Narners to you, I like carrots!’ so unbeknownst to him, they will be going in muhahahaha. I, of course am not having the naughty naans or oven chips but will probably do Slimming World chips and do without a naan. Or I could just have the keema with salad, which will still fill me up!

I shall let you know how it goes… Watch this space and I shall try not to burn myself this time!


Cheesy Veggie Wedges

These taste as nommy as they sound; no really they do!
I wouldn’t say I crave cheese but whenever I get some, I feel so naughty like I’m eating something I shouldn’t be eating… even if it’s only a small amount!
So when I saw this recipe in the Change4Life app, thought I’d give it a go. The recipe is for 4 people so I cut my ingredients in half to make it for my tea and for dinner the next day at work.

Here is my effort:

photo 2

It tasted fantastic! I put mine in the oven to cook the top though and cut mine in half and folded it over like an omelette onto my plate. I just had it with leafy salad.


You can get the recipe here: http://change4lifewales.org.uk/recipes/lunch/cheese/?lang=en

It’s so easy to make and when you’re having one of those days where you just can’t be bothered, it doesn’t take long to make at all.

The only problem I had was my forgetfulness when I grabbed the searing hot pan handle and burnt my hand. That part was not fun…not one bit.

The pasta in the wedges is also really filling and you honestly do not need a lot. I was surprised by how far my 50 grams went! It only has 284 Calories per serving (4 servings in the Change4Life app)

Definitely try this if you’re struggling to find an evening meal that fills you when you can’t really be bothered to cook!



Weigh Day! 25/6/14

Was actually looking forward to getting weighed this week and have to say, getting on those scales this morning did momentarily fill me with nervousness. I thought, ‘ Maybe those Desperadoes at the weekend hindered me too much’. But I lost just over 2lb! EEEEEK! Granted I thought I would have lost more as I exercised an extra day but they say its down to what you eat and I did have a lot of alcohol over the weekend.

So I posted my happiness on Facebook and was met with lots of people saying well done and that they need my motivation. I realised that I really am sticking to this thing and my mind-set has changed in the way I see food. This is a new revelation for me because I’m not used to being so fit and actually enjoying going to the gym!

I just hope when I get to 4 stone, I am spurred on to keep going and carry on losing the weight and writing everything down. These little losses really do spur me on to keep going to get fit and reduce my risk of a heart attack.

If for nothing else, my health has definitely improved. I’m not getting out of breath walking small distances anymore. I don’t break into a sweat as often anymore and I feel more confident about myself.

It seems so simple don’t you think?Just eat right and exercise and the benefits really are fantastic.

I just hope this is my life now and that I can keep it up!

Feeling fab

photo 2



My friend introduced this to me the other week and it is fab! If you can’t be bothered with spending ages in the kitchen, a lot of the recipes really are so simple!

This is what the dashboard of the Change4Life app looks like:

change for life pic

You can click through to the recipes section and it gives you different meal times to help you along. The recipe of the day seems like a good idea too.

photo 1

It’s so easy to use and the recipes are just brill. I will post more when I start making the recipes that are in this app but I recommend you get it on your phone now! The screen shot below shows some of the recipes but there are quite a few to keep you busy for quite some time!

photo 2

As you can see, if you have children (or are just silly like me), the meals can be fun too. I think the eyeball meatballs look pretty good! Give it a go, it’s FREE so if you don’t like it, just delete it. 🙂